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An Interview with OPCA #09 Cover Artist, Shadowind

2020-02-12 | 1 Comment

"I've always believed little things matter, and if a story and/or artwork can lift someone's spirits and bring them joy even just a little, or make them feel less alone, and inspire them, I think it can have a chain reaction that goes beyond what we can even begin to perceive." — Shadowind [ more...]

Farewell, 2019. Hello, 2020!

2020-01-02 | 0 Comments

Now that 2020 has begun, we’re taking a look back at what we did in 2019—and it turns out we did a lot! So here’s a quick recap. In 2019, Oneshi Press… Released Oneshi Press Anthology #7, featuring work from nearly two dozen indie creators! Started publishing standalone short comics like “Guts,” “COG: Refuge,” and “COG: Carrying Iron“! Published Tracy Queen, Volume 1 after a successful [ more...]

How to Write Comics: An Overview

2019-11-07 | 4 Comments

Hi, there! Oneshi Press co-founder and editor in chief Lynsey G here! Look, writing comics is a skill it’s taken me years to develop. And, even after writing a graphic novel (that I continue to edit even as the art is being created), three issues of an ongoing comic series, and several short comics, I’m still learning! Truth is, I’ll probably continue to develop the skill for the rest of my life. I thought that the things [ more...]
far away jacey chase closeup banner oneshi press interview

An Interview with Artist Jacey Chase

2019-10-24 | 1 Comment

  Jacey Chase is an artist, YouTuber, and activist whose short comic “Far Away” appeared in Oneshi Press Anthology #08. They also collaborated with Kael McDonald on “Junction,” a short comic to be featured in the upcoming Oneshi Press Anthology #09 in early 2020. We chatted with Jacey about inspiration, dissociation, drawing as a grounding pracice, and—of course—Final Fantasy 6.  Your first comic, “Far [ more...]
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