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Every journey starts somewhere! And the Origins Anthology’s trek toward its release date is nearly complete. Paperback copies of these epic 120 pages of short comics and art from dozens of diverse indie creators will be available on December 9, 2020. But you can preorder yours today!

In Oneshi Press’s tenth comics anthology, diverse creators ask how things start and how they conclude…and whether there’s any difference. The fourteen short comics inside the Origins Anthology explore beginnings, and you’re invited to come along for the ride.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthology 10, Origins: Cover

About Anthology #10, Origins:

Lovingly encased in stunning cover art by Sophia Murphy, the anthology starts with an introduction from voopytimes’s “A Real Cowboy.” Then it goes on to recoinneter with Tracy Queen as she sets out to find more for her adult film career. Next, a chatty band of explorers must discern the origins of a bunch of space vampires’ bizarre terminology. A big blue warrior recovers from the emotional wounds that made him who he is today. And a ravening horde devours everything in its path in a cycle without origins or endings. Then, a giant roams free in a modern city, but where did he come from? And an indigenous superhero must learn to use her new powers to discover what happened to her sister.

One intrepid clown uses their starry-eyed inspiration to create a perfect night. Next, death for one twin means death for the other…until it doesn’t. The empire that unites Terra was won on the backs of massive, bloodthirsty drakes, but how did that start? Ed the prize fighter found safety in Montana—but with telepathic gangsters out to find him, how long can he stay hidden? The end of a journey through space becomes the start of an adventure of the mind—and of the flesh. Venture into the shadows, where vampires thrive in a system built to prey upon the weak. And finally, one vigilante dog’s origins further unite the PACK—while one man’s true colors begin to divide the force. 

K. F. KK. F. Kat Fish, a cute little cat fish mermaid type thing, carries freight boxes for Oneshi Press. he is labeled, Karries Freight Kat Fish

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Oneshi Press prints all of its comics on the highest-quality paper and in full color. And, because all of that is expensive as heck, we print in small quantities of limited-edition trade paperbacks.

Once the paperbacks are in hand, we ship them out to our contributors. (In this case, that’s dozens of people.) Then we get them to our Kickstarter backers and Patreon subscribers.

By the time all that’s happened and the paperbacks are officially released (on December 9), we don’t have many copies left! That’s why preorders are so important. Reserve yourself a copy of the Origins Anthology now so you won’t miss out if we run out of stock!

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