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Welcome to Oneshi Press. Our passion is creating stories that explore dark corners, shatter taboos, emphasize progressive ideals, and immerse you in intricate worlds. We’re inviting you to explore them! Our company publishes high-quality comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books that contribute to the collective conversation, helping to unify and transform one another into more nuanced thinkers and compassionate members of the world we share.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies, covers 1-8
Oneshi press Comics Anthology Number One Title
Scripture written by Brendan Rowe, Illustrated by Tom Barton

Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies

With our Comics Anthologies, Oneshi Press is building a world where indie comic creators get published, share each others growing audiences, get wholesale copies to sell at full price, and earn royalties when we profit! A world where comicbook fans immerse themselves in gorgeous art and explore new worlds. Where one anthology combines short installments of graphic novels (like Tracy Queen, PACK, and Lomack), one-off short comics submitted by creative teams from around the world, and curated artist spotlights into beautiful books, available online and in print.

You’re invited to help build this world by reading our anthologies and submitting your work for inclusion!

These anthologies are beautifully printed in full color on high-quality glossy paper, in in short-runs (limited editions). Be sure to get yours before we sell out!

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Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies, now available

The story of cursed, half-goblin, zombie hunter… To save himself, he may just have to save us all… How tedious. Follow along as our reluctant hero and his floating ghost skull sidekick save their modern fantasy world from the walking dead.

Each of the 4 exciting chapters in this zom-com are illustrated by a different artist, including: Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase. Each delivering their own zesty flavor perfect for their arc keeping you hungry for the next page like a 4 course meal… of… brains?

Click here to snag your copy of Mr. Guy: Acts 1 & 2 now!

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Then go to zombieadoptionprogram.com for your FREE copy of The Zombie Adoption Program Storybook, where Handsome Farmer Curtis shows you how he wrangles the zombies at his Sanctuary for the Living Impaired. Strap in for undead antics as he helps these shamblers un-live their best afterlife!

zombie adoption program five zombies sanctuary for the living impaired alive
tracy queen ponders her coffee, adult toys and hookah

Tracy Queen

The granddaughter of a powerful organized crime boss, Tracy Queen was raised as a secret weapon—a deadly enforcer with a brilliant scientific mind and a sensual allure that very few could resist. Then Tracy befriends Nikola, a supergenius who also happens to be a raccoon. He helps her escape the syndicate and build a new life as an adult content creator. But Tracy’s rise puts her in direct conflict with the smut establishment, even as her criminal past resurfaces. Tracy and Nikola race against time to build a cyborg army to defend their newfound freedom against those who seek to control them. Now, Tracy must draw on all her skills in the lab, on the battlefield, and in the bedroom to preserve the life she’s built.

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Read Tracy’s blog and learn more about the graphic novel at tracyqueen.com.

PACK comic books issues 1-3 covers
PACK - Wheat-pasted bills posted on brick wall
PACK - Curb your dog
Pack - Patience and his dogs shadowy silhouettes attacking muggers
PACK - vigilante character group shots
PACK - Patience and Temperance investigate
PACK - Brooklyn Sunday Newsprint
PACK - humility returns after a meal
PACK - muggers get taken down
PACK - Dogs of virtue


In Brooklyn, corruption runs deep, and the only way to stay safe is to assume everyone is on the take. On these lawless streets, a pack of six stray dogs—and one stray man—protect the innocent. Patience and his Dogs of Virtue prowl the darkest alleys of the Brooklyn night, enforcing their own brutal justice as they put crime and corruption under the fang. In these dark times, the line between hero and villain is blurred, but to the PACK it’s simple: theirs is the only acceptable violence, and their retribution is as swift as it is fierce. Still, their vigilantism draws attention from all the wrong places, and one rookie cop must try to choose a side before it’s too late.

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Follow Patience and his PACK at packcomic.com.

PACK Comic book issues 1-3 now available banner

Meet Keatus

A Brooklyn native in a time of upheaval and change, Keatus shares some insights about the developments in his neighborhood including the rise of the PACK

Our recent kickstarter for PACK 3: Temperance successfully funded! Click here to grab your copies of issues 1-3 now!

Children of Gaia (COG)

Rendaraia is a realm where nature, magic, and civilization have long lived in harmony. Into this peaceful coexistence come brutal and mysterious invaders from a land called Terra, an imperial society driven by its own rapacious needs and the demands of its politically divided home. As war rages, hundreds of cultures of wildly varying technologies, traditions, and species fight to preserve their way of life. But Rendaraia and Terra are linked more deeply than anyone had ever imagined.

Children of Gaia is a vast universe, and the setting for an epic and ongoing story being told across multiple media.

COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia

The Great Nations of Rendaraia have stood for centuries as strongholds of culture, magic, science, and military strength. When, one by one, the Nations mysteriously fall—each destroyed in a day, with no time for word or warning—the intrepid scholar Jan’Ka’Zian sets out to record a complex network of intertwined cultures on the edge of destruction. Jayel Draco’s gorgeous illustrations present a vivid picture of elaborate cityscapes and mountain vistas, vast skyfaring fleets, and fantastic flora and fauna.

Click here to download the free sample of “COG: Great Nations”!

Having already sold out of the first print run, our 2nd edition of “Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia” is now available directly through our website.

Children of Gaia: Great Nations of Rendaraia now available
war and horses cover
COG: War & Horses - The Dry Spot
COG: War & Horses - Langdon Ford - Mickey Cobb - The Governer
COG: War & Horses - The Draven Cavalry
COG: War & Horses - The Dray Spot & The Draven Cavalry

COG: War & Horses

War & Horses affect the shape of daily life deep in the dustbowl of the newly formed Republic of Draven, where the old aristocracy coexists with a new government in an uneasy peace that’s often broken by conflict. Famine and drought wrack the once-fertile region—and violence is a spark to dry grass.

Into this discord walks a shadowy figure: the Triggerman. He seems to be many things, but he is rarely—if ever—what he seems. The only sure thing about him is that he leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. Following that path is journalist Landon Ford, documenting the Triggerman’s exploits and digging for the truth of his identity.

War & Horses is Ford’s work, the first in a series of dime-store books popular in the new world of Rendaraia and back home in Terra, and believed to be fiction. But the Triggerman is very real—and his true purpose may become the story of Ford’s life.

Explore Rendaraia & Terra at children-of-gaia.com.

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