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Submarine Treehouse: Jayel, Kayla & Pedro clash in the battle of the animators

We meet the creators of the hottest titles in Indie crowdfunding comics currently– Sister Mercy, Tracy Queen & Scarlett Ranger! – watch here

Exclusive (NSFW) Preview: Sex-Positivity, Cyborgs, And A Talking Raccoon In ‘Tracy Queen’ Vol. 3

Oneshi Press has revealed a Comicon exclusive preview of  Tracy Queen Vol. 3: I Want More, issues 1-3, live now on Kickstarter. This third installment of the Oneshi Press’ sex-positive, sci-fi tale of self discovery comes from writer Lynsey G, artist Jayel Draco, inker Jeff Foulsham, colorist Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba, and letterer Cardinal Rae. – read here

Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 396 Lynsey G And Jayel Draco Embrace The Pleasure Of NSFW Comics With Tracy Queen On Kickstarter!

Lynsey G and Jayel Draco are the co-founders and publishers behind Oneshi Press. They currently have a Kickstarter running for their latest comics project, Tracy QueenTracy Queen is a NSFW comic geared towards an adult audience that tells the tale of a female assassin who escapes a life of committing murder for an organized crime boss who just happens to be her grandfather.  In breaking free from the criminal underworld, Tracy embraces a new life as an adult cam model and turns her back on a life of violence for one in which she can offer people pleasure. This week on Part-Time Fanboy, Kristian chats with Lynsey and Jayel about creating comics for an adult oriented crowd, why violence is more easily accepted in society than sex, and fighting the taboos associated with sex-positive narratives. – listen here

Al chats with Oneshi Press – Comic Crusaders Podcast #185

Hang out with Al Mega as he chats with the amazing creative team of Oneshi Press. Let’s meet Lynsey G, writer of Tracy Queen and co-founder/editor-in-chief at Oneshi Press and Jayel Draco, the illustrator of Tracy Queen and co-founder/ lead designer at Oneshi Press. Tune in to learn all about this amazing entrepreneurial creative team and their journey in the world of indie comics and more…. – watch here

Jeff Foulshams Thought Balloons podcast logo

Thought balloons Ep 23 Oneshi Press!

“In this astounding episode we welcome guest hosts Lynsey and Jayel of ONESHI PRESS!!! We discuss kickstarters, comics, and GENETICS?! It was a WILD time!   This is a continuation in our series that accompanied the Osrynn WEST” – read more

An Unexpected Bookworm Batson Review!

In the latest segment with Bookworm Batson starting around the 42 minute mark, Batson give a fantastic review of our free UNEXPECTED ANTHOLOGYread more

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“We always thought PACK—our comic series about vigilante dogs fighting for justice on the streets of Brooklyn—would be Oneshi Press’s “easy sell.” Adorable rescue dogs taking down violent criminals alongside a guy in a dog mask—what’s not to love? A simple morality tale. A classic comic book story. But as we were forming the skeleton of the story in the early to mid-2010s, we were also watching the neighborhood around us—our part of the world—change.” – read more

The co-founder of Oneshi Press discusses the Kickstarter campaign for a second volume of ‘Tracy Queen.’

Smash Pages Q&A: Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco

The founders of Oneshi Press discuss their latest crowdfunding project for the comic ‘Pack.’ with Alex Dueben: Editing is a difficult process in and of itself, but having conversations which aren’t about whether the story works but these other issues and our blindspots, that’s a whole other level of how do you address that and make the thing?” – read more

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“You want to give your creative project the best possible chance of being accepted for publication, right? I’m the editor of the Oneshi Press Comics Anthology series—an independently published collection of short comics—and I’ve learned what makes me want to work with a creator…or not. So, here are 5 ways to get your work (especially comics) noticed by an editor” – read more

Super Serious Comics reviews Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter

“Quirky, fun and brimming with humour, Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter is a Pratchett-esque zombie romp well worth sinking your teeth into!”

“The protagonist also manages to maintain a nice blend of competence and helplessness as the story progresses, continually finding himself outgunned but managing to survive and move on after each encounter.”.- read more

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“It happens in the space between an origin and destination. In the moments between concept and completion, the process of becoming can be uncomfortable, beautiful, painful, ecstatic. What will yours look like? What are you becoming? Show us in an eight-page comic.

” – read more

Super Serious Comics reviews the Origins Anthology

Like watching a slideshow of someone else’s dreams, the Origins anthology dips its toes in a host of different narratives and storytelling styles. If you’re looking for something a little different, a little new and very, very, indie, then check out the Origins anthology! – read more

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FTO Interview with Lynsey and Jayel of Oneshi Press Comics

Oneshi Press Co-Founders Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco team up to give FTO Nerd talk Podcast the full scoop. We talk about Mr. Guy, inspirations, production ideas, the industry at large, Tracy Queen, PACK, and more – Listen HERE

Two Dimension Podcast Episode 257: Oneshi Press

Two Dimension Podcast Episode 257: Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press join us to discuss two collections of indie comics they are funding that tell origin stories from zombies to indigenous superheroes to queer cowboys and beyond on their Origins Campaign on kickstarter” – Listen HERE –

Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter and Th Origins Comics Anthology on the Wayne's Comics Podcast

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #441: Interview w/ Lynsey. & Jayel

“I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco from Oneshi Press during Episode 441! These two are the co-founders and driving forces behind that company, and right now, they have a Kickstarter project underway supporting Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the 10th edition of their Oneshi Press Anthology series. We discuss how they put the anthology book together as well as how Mr. Guy came into existence, among other things! … Don’t miss this fun chat with these rising stars in Indie comics!” – Listen HERE

Jayel Draco talks to Adrian Has Issues about Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter!

Episode 157: The Reluctant Zombie (with Jayel Draco)

“This week’s episode features multimedia visual artist and Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco. Jayel and Adrian engage in an irreverent yet poignant conversation about Oneshi’s latest project, Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter. The story revolves around a wisecracking half-goblin determined to cure himself of a zombie infection…and possibly save the world in the process. While discussing the book’s themes and origins, Jayel examines the nature of parody and meta humor in storytelling and Adrian learns a valuable lesson about life thanks to gelatin-encased foodstuffs known as aspic. Oh, and the Red Baron makes an appearance or two. Why? You’ll have to listen in and find out! ” – Listen HERE

Jayel Draco and Lynsey G talk to Joey Galvez on the House of Indie podcast about Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter

Jayel Draco and Lynsey G. Talk about Mr. Guy and the Origins Anthology on The House of Indie Podcast

“In this epsode Joey speaks with Jayel & Lynsey Co-Founders of Oneshi Press. They discuss their 6th Kickstarter Mr. Guy Zombie Hunter, as well as their past successful works. Jayel & Lynsey drop some insight about what they believe the Landscape of the Comicbook industry could look like. Collaboration Over Competition a philosophy to live by…. you just gotta listen and find out… so many light bulbs were turned on in this episode so you know you wanna hear it!!” – Listen to the episode on: SpotifyGoogle PlayApple Podcasts. Listen HERE!

Major Spoilers review of Oneshi Press Anthology 9

Press release for Oneshi Press Anthology 09 on Major Spoilers!

“At a time when justice—whatever that means—is on the minds of many, independent publisher Oneshi Press is poised to release its ninth anthology of short comics: The Justice Anthology.” -read more-

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My SOCKS-Positive, Feminist Graphic Novel, Tracy Queen, is Being Shadow Banned

“You may have heard whispers about shadow banning—that thing social media platform do where they block or partly block users and/or their content in a sneaky way so that, as Wikipedia puts it, “it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned. The practice seems to have started as a way to defuse purveyors of abusive language and other troll-like behavior in online communities, but the term was co-opted by…-read more-

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support tracy queen: a weird, wild, socks-positive graphic novel

Tracy Queen is a lot like those, in that it celebrates the s*x-positive* values and the labor of s*x** workers…Except it’s weirder. It’s about a woman who makes adult entertainment for a living, loves her life…and is BFFs with a raccoon! And also creates a race of cyborg-clone warriors to protect her from the forces of mainstream pr*n and her own criminal past…You know. Normal stuff.”-read more-

The Adrian Has Issues Podcast logo by Jayel Draco

Episode 153: All Hail The Queen (with Lynsey G & Jayel Draco of Oneshi Press)

“The second volume sees the titular character continue her quest for empowerment and independence from her criminal past and greedy adult movie moguls. Oh, did we mention talking raccoons and clone armies? The podcast conversation explores Tracy’s motivations and how they reflect the ideas of s*x-positivity, feminism and the pitfalls of blind hero worship. ”  -read more-

The co-founder of Oneshi Press discusses the Kickstarter campaign for a second volume of ‘Tracy Queen.’

Smash Pages Q&A: Lynsey G.

Lynsey G. has been working as a professional writer for years, but it’s only in the past few years that the writer and editor turned her eye to comics, writing work like Tracy Queen and Pack. In 2015 she and her partner Jayel Draco founded Oneshi Press, where Lynsey not only publishes her own work, but edits and publishes a semiannual anthology, which just released its ninth volume. ” -read more-

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“where magic and fantasy intercede with cowboys and revolvers”

“Some people like Westerns, some like Dungeons & Dragons. With the new book from Oneshi Press, “War & Horses”, you can have both. A pulp-fiction style cowboy book in a setting unlike most fantasy stories, put on your gun belt and get ready for a bumpy ride! … in a setting that will remind fans a bit of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” and maybe even a little of some Clint Eastwood movies you may have seen…” -read more-

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“In the fights in War & Horses, Lampasona says, “My training with SAMBO competitors Anthony Sansonetti and Jeremy Paiser created the inspiration for the ‘wrestling’ in the action sequences in War & Horses. Jeremy’s moves, in particular, were the inspiration for several fight scenes though Anthony’s more direct style focused on positional dominance played a part in the Triggerman character, himself, especially in War & Horses …” -read more-

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“To summarize the first volume of Tracy Queen would fail to do justice to the story this graphic novel begins to tell. I can comfortably say that this story clearly communicates the thematic journey that Lynsey G. has in store for Tracy Queen (as well as readers): empowerment” -read more-

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The PACK is back

‘PACK’ is a gritty 7-part comic book series that tells the tale of a gang of dogs who vigilantly prowl the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York City, where gentrification is king, corruption runs deep, and the only real way to stay safe is to assume that everyone is on the take. Well, there’s a blurry line between hero and villain in these dark days, and according to the PACK, their way is the only way!-read more-

Scifi pulse: The latest comics, sci-fi TV & movie news


“Independent publisher Oneshi Press is proud to release the second issue of its gritty comic book series about the six stray stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang! In PACK #2: Kindness, the PACK is back.” -read more-

The Pack is back in Pack #2: Kindess from Oneshi Press

Press release for PACK #2 published on Major Spoilers!

“I’m so excited to see Kindness’s story out in the world,” says Oneshi Press co-founder and PACK writer Lynsey G. “Pit bulls suffer from discrimination against their breed, and sometimes that leads to truly dark situations. Their stories are important, and we’re ready to tell it” -read more-

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Podcast Interview about COG: War & Horses!

“This is an live interview with comic book writers and illustrators Jayel Draco and Chris Covelli from Oneshi Press. The Gr8 Gunny, Jayel and Chris digs DEEP into Hollywood’s approach to making Sci-Fi movies. Is there any new stories left? Let’s here more about this topic and their awesome Comic Series! For More information on Oneshi Press …” -read more-

Review of Tracy Queen by Brendan Hykes on RoguesPortal

Tracy Queen Volume 1 is unexpected, to say the least. An action hero with a talking raccoon sidekick, ninja drug-runners, cyborg armies, and a heavy dose of sexualized imagery might trick you into thinking this was a bombastic, over-the-top, but ultimately shallow effort. Upon reading, however, you’ll find instead a sex-positive story that, more than anything, is about finding your identity and becoming comfortable with yourself… -read more-


“…The two inspirations fit together and became a graphic novel about a fascinating young woman who uses adult entertainment as the vehicle for her own self-discovery…and science experiments…and army. Like you do in sci-fi…” -read more-

She Does The City

An interview with Tracy Queen’s Writer, Lynsey G.

“It’s time for a new kind of comic book hero—an empowered woman who is unafraid of being herself, even when that means choosing pleasure over violence,” says writer Lynsey G. “We need more stories about women who can be smart, successful, badass, and sexual, too.” The result? An over-the-top, sex-positive, sci-fi adventure that happens to center around … -read more-

An interview with Tracy Queen’s creators.

“Published by Oneshi Press, Tracy Queen promises to be “an epic, pulpy-sci-fi adventure about one woman’s journey from repression to empowerment … with an army of clones, a battle against the patriarchy, and a zillion sex toys along the way!” There are also cyborgs and a talking raccoon sidekick … -read more-

Lynsey G guest blogs for MEDIUM.

Promiscuous Women Will Rule the World — And I Wrote a Graphic Novel About One of Them || I wrote a graphic novel about a porn star who does a lot of gangbangs. It might sound degenerate, but I believe that promiscuous women are the biggest badasses around. And hey, I was inspired by science. Allow me to explain.” … -read more-

Lynsey G guest blogs for Women Write About Comics.

a graphic novel about a porn star. Before you keep reading, take a moment to ask yourself what that sentence made you feel. Then take a moment to ponder why. The sequential art industry is becoming more inclusive all the time, shining lights into hitherto unexplored spaces that aren’t always  … -read more-

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #355: Lynsey G.

I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. from Oneshi Press during Episode 355! She’s one of the driving forces behind that company, and she also writes two of the series’ in their Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology series. Right now, she has a Kickstarter project going on for Tracy Queen Volume 1, which deserves your support! … -read more-

Tracy Queen Write Up on YNOT!!!

“I felt this was the right time to launch ‘Tracy Queen’ and bring this message of female empowerment home through this unlikely and uniquely American character, Tracy Queen,” Lynsey G said…. -read more-

Tracy Queen Write Up on BenZINGa!!!

When Lynsey G began her journalistic career she met many empowered women who created the life and career they wanted. But while reporting on the adult entertainment industry and learning the stigma and discrimination facing sexworkers and other women for simply expressing … -read more-

comic book and movie reviews oneshi press lynsey g

A Sweet Review for PACK!

We got a second review of PACK Issue 1, and we’re stoked about it. Here you can check out the sample, and see what CBAMR had to say about PACK. “a costumed crime-fighter who prowls the mean streets of Brooklyn with his army of six stray dogs. Yes. That’s correct. I said dogs. Want to know more? ” -read more-

comic book and movie reviews oneshi press lynsey g

Awesome Review for GNOR!

Oneshi Press get an awesome review for our first Children of Gaia book,  Great Nations of Rendaraia by Comic Book And Movie Reviews! They melt us with statements like “expertly created by those two lovable rogues, Jayel Draco and Lynsey G” They also provide some insight for you our beloved reader. -read more-

1st review of PACK 1: Humility!

“Pack is really cool and I had a lot of fun reading it. The story was gripping, the art was great to look at. I think this will turn out to be a great series. Whether you like dogs, vigilantes, dogs, government, dogs, politics, or dogs, this book is worth a read.” – Aaron Iara, For the Love of Indie.

The Adrian Has Issues Podcast logo by Jayel Draco

2nd Time Featured Podcast Episode!

Oneshi Press co-founders (Jayel Draco and Lynsey G.) are back again for the second time featured on “Adrian Has Issues” episode 123! Fan extraordinaire Adrian King conducts candid interviews with comic book creators, musicians, filmmakers, and more in this awesome weekly pop culture podcast. -read more-

The Adrian Has Issues Podcast logo by Jayel Draco

Featured Podcast Episode!

Oneshi Press co-founders (Jayel Draco and Lynsey G.) are featured on episode 94 of “Adrian Has Issues,” a weekly pop culture podcast! Fan extraordinaire Adrian King conducts candid interviews with comic book creators, musicians, filmmakers, and more. We mostly talk about Children of Gaia, the importance of diversity and similar progressive notions in pop-culture, and we get into the general Oneshi Press mission statement as well. -read more-

Feature Article in the Missoulian!

Oneshi Press co-founders Jayel Draco and Lynsey G. talked with Cory Walsh, the arts and entertainment editor of The Missoulian newspaper. As a result, a feature article about Oneshi Press is online today and was printed in the May 5th 2017 paper! -read more-

comic book and movie reviews oneshi press lynsey g

Great Review for Oneshi Press in General

The awesome geek culture website Comic Book and Movie Reviews just interviewed our co-founder, Lynsey G! In the interview with CBMR editor David, Lynsey talked about how Oneshi Press came to be. She also elaborated on some of the projects she’s spearheaded, her history as an adult entertainment journalist, Oneshi Press’s theme song (hint: “Space: the final frontier”), motto, and greatest hero, among other things. -read more-

Going over it for you!

Major Spoilers reviews the Oneshi Press submissions guidlines.

Major Spoilers is dedicated to bringing news, reviews, and interviews about the comic book and related industries to fans around the world. -read more-

A guide to our guidelines

The Grawlix Podcast promotes the Oneshi Press submissions guide lines as Oneshi Press “Seeks to elevate marginalized voices”.

The Grawlix Podcast is a podcast about comic books, web comics, and other geek culture media.  -read more-

Release announcement for OPQA #02

Major Spoilers announces the release of Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #02. “Featuring five original comics from a diverse group of international creators, this 52-page full-color anthology explores themes of self-determination, corruption, existentialism, and heroism. Anthology #02 is the second installment of an ongoing series Oneshi Press is releasing every three months, featuring installations from longer graphic novels, short one-off comics, and visual art.” -read more-

Two Dimension Review

Two Dimension: The Comic Book Podcast With No Direction plugs Oneshi Press in episode 204 | The Archies, Bug, Kirby Omnibus And Oneshi Press A quick discussion of The Archies One Shot starts everything off and moves into Bug! The Adventures Of Forager and the many characters of Jack Kirby. G.I. Combat, comic book ads, differing art styles, The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume One and Oneshi Press finish everything out. -read more-


“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the sort of book you tuck away with the most treasured novels in your library, removing it from the shelf every now and then simply to admire it. “—Caitlin Lyle Farley

Read more of this sweet review of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia on Readers’ Favorite, where it was awarded with the coveted Five Star Readers’ Favorite award! Talk about making noise… -read more-