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Welcome to Oneshi Press, founded by Jayel Draco and Lynsey G in 2015. Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company based in Missoula, Montana. We focus on creating richly illustrated fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, comics, and art books. Our mission is to explore dark corners, shatter taboos, emphasize progressive ideals, and immerse readers in fully realized worlds, while offering fair compensation to creators. In other words—we create projects that show we care, that you can feel good about supporting while enjoying the heck out of them.

Lynsey G had a degree in English and a decade’s worth of work as an editor, writer, and publisher in academic, online, and mainstream trade publishing. Jayel Draco had a BFA in illustration and over a decade of experience creating multimedia visual art on both a freelance and in-house basis. They began collaborating on sequential art stories but despite having all of the experience and expertise necessary, they couldn’t get their foot in the door with mainstream traditional publishers. Why? Because mainstream comics couldn’t fit these complex, nuanced stories into a pre-existing box. So Lynsey and Jayel decided to start their own company, where they could publish not only their own unconventional stories, but also nuanced work by diverse creators from around the world.

We build worlds…
You’re invited.

Oneshi Press Comics Anthologies, covers 1-8
Pack - Patience and his dogs shadowy silhouettes attacking muggers
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Matriarch of Lithicus Accepts Vargas Armies Proposal - Vargas Army Destroys Danrock
COG: War & Horses - The Dry Spot
Tracy Queen - on the battlefield with her clone-cyborgs army and Nikola the talking raccoon, ready to face off against Dickie Doublefingers Mainstream pornstar Army
PACK - muggers get taken down
07 Tracy Queen Scientist Nikola Talking Raccoon science clone
COG: War & Horses - Langdon Ford - Mickey Cobb - The Governer
PACK - humility returns after a meal
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Danrock Blacksmith Forging Iron - Nodanaian Tribal Islander overlooking the Aloraean coastline
COG: War & Horses - The Draven Cavalry
PACK - vigilante character group shots
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Knight-of Danrock Lone Survivor
PACK - Curb your dog
PACK - Wheat-pasted bills posted on brick wall

Our vision is for collaboration over competition, and we show this by publishing the work of other incredible creators right alongside ours! We work with an extremely talented group of contributors and collaborators who help build worlds for you to explore in our semiannual anthologies of short comics and art.

When we say “you’re invited,” we mean that literally. We’re serious about building community, so we let our audience in from the earliest stages of our creative process to the very last. We host a Twitch live-stream where you can watch our co-founder and illustrator, Jayel Draco, as he brings our creative projects to life. You can chat with him as he works on one of our projects: PACK, Tracy Queen and Children of Gaia!

We also run a Patreon campaign, where you can get even more involved. As a patron, you can get exclusive first looks at our work, get our publications before anyone else, and take part in our community. And we crowdfund many of our publications, allowing our backers to get in on exclusive rewards and early looks at Oneshi projects. We even host a Discord server just for Oneshi Press fans, followers, and friends! If you give a sh!t like we do, you’re already a part of the community.

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