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Tracy Queen - on the battlefield
COG: War & Horses - Title banner
Pack - Patience and his dogs
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Matriarch of Lithicus Accepts Vargas Armies Proposal - Vargas Army Destroys Danrock
COG: War & Horses - The Dry Spot
COG: War & Horses - Langdon Ford - Mickey Cobb - The Governer
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Danrock Blacksmith Forging Iron - Nodanaian Tribal Islander overlooking the Aloraean coastline
COG: War & Horses - The Draven Cavalry
COG - Great Nations of Rendaraia - Knight-of Danrock Lone Survivor

Progressive. Immersive. Gorgeous.

Welcome to Oneshi Press, founded by Jayel Draco and Lynsey G in 2015. Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company based in Missoula, Montana, focused on creating richly illustrated fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, comics, and art books. Our mission is to explore dark corners, shatter taboos, emphasize progressive ideals, and immerse readers in fully realized worlds, while offering fair compensation to creators. Our vision is for collaboration over competition and we show this by publishing the work of other incredible creators right alongside ours!

We work with an extremely talented group of contributors and collaborators that help us in our efforts to build vast and rich worlds for you to explore. Find out more about these wonderfully talented people here.

We let our audience in from the earliest stages of our creative process to the very last. We host a Twitch live-stream every Tuesday and Thursday evening, starting at 5:30pm MST. Watch our co-founder and illustrator, Jayel Draco, as he brings our creative projects to life, and chat with him as he works on one of our three current projects: PACK, Tracy Queen and Children of Gaia!

We also run a Patreon campaign, where you can get even more involved. As a patron, you can get exclusive first looks at our work, commission Jayel to create custom artwork just for you during his Twitch stream, and see yourself in our books, interacting with our characters. There are tons of rewards for you to explore! When we say “come into our world,” we mean that literally.

We build worlds . . . You’re invited.

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