Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now CLOSED for our 14th Anthology: SIDEQUESTS.

The Oneshi Press Comics Anthology

At Oneshi Press, we envision a world where independent creators have their gorgeous, immersive, progressive, creator-owned work published digitally and in print. Where one anthology combines one-off short comics and pieces of larger stories into beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking books.

We’re building that world…and you’re invited!

What We’re Into

Our creator-owned indie comics anthologies are celebrations of the different, explorations of the weird, and full of the stories nobody else is publishing.

We’re a collaborative, progressive, inclusive publisher. Folks from marginalized groups are extra-super-duper invited to submit; your voice needs to be heard.

We love work that celebrates the best of humankind (and other species, too). We’re into love, kindness, justice, and forward thinking. We are not interested in glorifying the bad stuff—hate has no place in our pages.


The Details:

  • We prefer 8-page stories.
  • We want work that’s gorgeous, immersive, and progressive.
  • Previously unpublished submissions only.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine! Just tell us if someone else accepts your work before we do.
  • You may submit up to three (3) projects to an anthology.
    • Please use a separate submission form for each project.
  • Oneshi Press will contract with only one team member per submitted work.
    • All communications and payments will be routed through this one person.


  • We accept finished comics (preferred), scripts, and pitches.
  • We cannot guarantee to secure an artist for scripts without artists attached.
  • Submit your script in a standard comic book script format.
    • You can view a sample script HERE!


  • We sometimes pair writers with artists for short comics. Send us your portfolio! If the right project appears, we’ll be in touch.
  • We cannot guarantee to secure a writer for art–only comic pitches.


  • We pay contributors based on our Kickstarter’s performance.
    • All funding past our minimum viable funding goal (which covers only printing and shipping) is divided up amongst our creators.
    • That means the better the campaign does, the more we can pay!
  • We work on a collaborative co-op model, where everybody wins when anybody wins.
  • We require all hands on deck to make anthologies successful!
  • We offer our contributors the ability to purchase anthologies at wholesale price, then resell those anthologies themselves.
    • Contributors are entitled to one (1) comp copy and up to five (5) copies at the cost of printing (no mark-up!).

K.F. Kat Fish explains:

Technical Specifications:

  • Submissions must fit standard comic book specs: 6.625” x 10.25” at 300 dpi.
  • We require a minimum 1/4″ title safety area where text is spaced from the edge of the page.
  • We also require an additional minimum of an 1/8” bleed if any art work meets the edge of the page.
  • Acceptable file types: .PDFs, .JPGs, .PNGs, .DOCs, and DOCXs.
  • Click here for our sample script and comic templates!