We Need Reviews! Will You Write One?

As a small indie publisher with a tiny team and a limited budget, it can be difficult for Oneshi Press to get the word out about our own books. That’s why we’re asking our friends, followers, and fans to help us spread the news by writing reviews and blurbs of our publications.

What Are Reviews and Blurbs?

We’re looking for your thoughts on our books, ranging from long-form reviews to short-form blurbs…and everything in between!

A review is a longer-form essay that goes into detail on a book, often with a short summary included. It can be anywhere from one to five paragraphs long, often provides a short summary  of the work, and gives a lot of room for the writer’s thoughts on everything from pacing to illustration style to subject matter. Does it remind you of anything else you’ve read? Did you feel like it dragged in the middle? Are you excited for the next issue?

A blurb is a shorter version of the same thing that relies a bit more on your feelings than on the summary. It can be as short as one sentence or as long as a full paragraph. And it’s all about your thoughts on the book. Did you like it? Hate it? Adore it? Why did you feel the way you did? What did you think of the illustrations?

Okay, But Why?

Reviews and blurbs really help us to spread the word about what we’re doing here at Oneshi Press. We can talk all day about how great our books are, but prospective readers might not want to take our word for it! And that makes sense. But the thoughts of fellow readers carry a lot more weight.

Every review, from a one-sentence blurb to a full-length blog post, goes a long way toward getting the word out! Plus, we honestly want to know what you think.

We’ll use reviews and blurbs in future fund-raising efforts, in our copy on our websites and social media, and anywhere else that reader feedback can help us. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to share your ideas about our work with the world. Win-win!

Where to Write a Review

If you’re able to write up a review or a blurb for one of our projects (or more!), here are the ways to do it!

  • Leave a comment with your review in the comments section of this blog post! (Just scroll down!)
  • Write a review or blurb in the Reviews section of the product page at our online store! (On the lower left-hand side of each product’s page, there are links for “Description,” “Additional Information,” and “Reviews.” Just click on the “Reviews” tab, and write away!
  • Post a review or blurb on your own blog, and send us a message to let us know it’s there!
  • Leave a review on our Goodreads page!
  • Review the projects we have up on Amazon!
  • You can post your thoughts on social media and tag us (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram) so we can read your thoughts.
  • You can post a review to our Facebook page directly, or to the specific pages for Children of Gaia, Tracy Queen, or PACK!
  • If you’ve got your own blog, write a post about one of our books and send us the link!
  • Send us a message at info@oneshipress.com!

Where to Get Oneshi Press Books to Review

We’ve got lots of books to choose from! Eight short comics anthologies, two issues of PACK, one volume of Tracy Queen, and The Great Nations of Rendaraia! And we’re just getting started.

Here’s where you can find all of them:

If you’re writing a review for a blog, magazine, or other publication, let us know! We’d be happy to hook you up with a review copy!

Your input means the world to us. Even if your review is just a sentence or two long, it could make a huge difference in our ability to reach more people.

Thank you so much for your help, folks!

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