It’s World Book Day! What’s On Your Shelf?

Thursday, April 23 is World Book Day! Here at Oneshi Press, you may not be surprised to learn that we love books. Like, we adore them. After all, that’s why we decided to make them!

Our Wall of Books

We love books so much , in fact, that the entire north wall of Oneshi Press Headquarters is lined with bookshelves. The wall of books is actually so large that we couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing! Instead, we took a few shots of it from different angles to give you a taste of what we’ve got on our shelves. (Just a taste, though. There are more books above and below all of these, and even more piled around the rest of our HQ. Like we said, we love books.)

Look Closely!

We love all kinds of books, as you can see! From comic books to philosophical texts to novels to memoirs to biographies to books about human sexuality to nonfiction explorations to art books and more! If you’re a fan of any Oneshi Press book, series, or short, we guarantee  you’ll be able to find some of the inspirations behind it by letting your eyes roam over these shelves.

Of course, you’ll also see some of the books we’ve made scattered here and there. We keep most of our stock in a separate room, carefully preserved in boxes so they’ll be in perfect condition for readers. But a few end up displayed on our wall of books because we’re very, very proud of them all.

You can also see arrayed here some of the props, reference materials, and toys we use in creating art for the books we make! Can you spot a police car from PACK? A pocket watch from War & Horses? Some of the texts that helped us create Tracy Queen? Maybe even a few of our favorite comic books? What else do you see that inspires you?

And hey, why not take a pic of your own shelves and tag us @OneshiPress? We love to see how other book lovers display their treasures. What’s on your shelf?

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