Introducing “Trinkets”—An 8-Page Children of Gaia Comic

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Guess what! There’s a new 8-page Children of Gaia comic here! “Trinkets,” written by Lynsey G and illustrated by Eldkrind, originally appeared in the Justice Anthology. Now, this short comic is out now as a standalone digital download from the Oneshi Press store!

About “Trinkets

Following the Great Nations’ demise, war ravages the realm of Rendaraia. Marauding Terran armies now spread throughout the lands, driven to conquest by the rapacious demands of their politically divided home. “Children of Gaia: Trinkets” takes us to a far-off region known as Sylvanakaia. Here, the people can feel desperation rising—the ripple-out effect of a distant war.

In Sylvanakaia, intertribal conflict has been a time-honored tradition. The Keetsunekesh have always proven themselves by stealing corrateradda calves, tools, and even trinkets from Maezterrakesh farmers. And the Maezterrakesh, in turn, have paid the Honeshukesh to keep the sneak thieves at bay. This system has kept Sylvvanakaia in harmonious balance for generations. But now, that balance is threatened. While trade with the outside world dwindles, belts tighten and fear rises. And the region’s growing desolation adds blood to these customary skirmishes as they shift from harassment to outright violence.

The children of the Keetsunekesh of Sylvanakaia know nothing of the war that rages far beyond their lands, its causes or the desperation it spreads. For these kits, simply coming to grips with themselves, and getting along with one another, is enough of a challenge.

About Children of Gaia

In Rendaraia, where nature, magic, and civilization have long coexisted, strangers of unknown origin are invading. As war rages between the Terran interlopers and Rendaraian natives, hundreds of unique cultures of wildly varying technologies, traditions, and species are ravaged by an imperial society. But there is more at stake than land or culture. Because Rendaraia and its invaders are linked far more deeply than anyone realizes.

In a lavish fantasy setting, battles rage through soldiers and sex; magic and steel; diplomacy and gunpowder. Children of Gaia is a complex story in which characters live through a collision of worlds. Some fight for power, others struggle to preserve a way of life, and many battle just to stay alive.

Children of Gaia is a vast universe; the backdrop for an epic, ongoing story told across multiple media. Published works include art books, comics, and soundtracks. And there is much more on the way. You can dive deep into the COG universe at children-of-gaia.com.

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