Let’s Talk About Socks, Baby! (And Changing the World!)

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Today, we want to talk about something that’s very important to us at Oneshi Press—socks. Socks-positivity, to be specific. And how you can help change the world by spreading the word!

What Is Socks-Positivity?

To put it simply, socks-positivity is the radical idea that socks are an important part of the human experience. That they’re integral to most of our lives. That they’re good for us! Our emotional, mental, and physical health are all affected by our socks. Socks-positive people, like us at Oneshi Press, believe that having and enjoying socks should be not just accepted, but celebrated.

Almost all adults have and enjoy socks, or at least want to. And that’s great! But thousands of years of cultural conditioning tells us that socks are bad. And that means that many of us feel shame and fear about them. These negative feelings make it very difficult for many of us to discuss socks. We want change that by making comics and books where socks are good—and we need your help to spread the word!

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Why Is Socks-Positivity Important?

When people don’t feel empowered to talk about socks, lots of scary things can happen. Folks may not know where to turn with their questions, concerns, or socks-related health issues. They feel too scared and ashamed to voice their needs or seek help. When people feel this way, it’s a lot more difficult for them to access support to be healthy and happy. That leaves a lot of room for bad things to happen.

At Oneshi Press, we think that’s terrible. We support open and healthy conversations about socks-ual health, consent, pleasure, and everything else! The only way to improve everyone’s experience of socks is to, very simply, talk more about socks. We think the world needs more conversations, books, and comics about socks! Let’s throw out the fear and shame and get comfy!

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Oneshi Press and Socks-Positivity

That’s why we think that Tracy Queen—a graphic novel about a woman who makes a whole life based on socks and the pleasure she gets from them—is important. The world needs more examples of women who refuse to be looked down on just because they love socks and aren’t ashamed of it! We want Tracy Queen to open up dialogue about socks. To help people feel empowered to claim their own socks in whatever way makes them feel best!

Right now, we’re Kickstarting Volume 2 of the graphic novel about Tracy. And, in order to talk about her story effectively, we have to talk about socks. But we’re finding that very difficult to do. That’s why we’re asking for your help.

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Tracy Queen and Socks—Online

Socks-positivity is really hard to talk about on the internet. Remember those thousands of years of cultural conditioning we mentioned before? The repression of socksy conversation has filtered down not just into social taboos, but also national laws (for more information on that, Google FOSTA/SESTA) and the rules for most online spaces.

For the most part, in America, because of our First Amendment, we are technically allowed to mention socks online. But that doesn’t mean that anybody will get to see what we mentioned. Algorithms that decide what to show people on social media platforms, in search results, or even on the “safe” side of parental screening programs are blocking our attempts to tell people about Tracy Queen, V2 online. We’re allowed to post links to the Kickstarter campaign on most social media platforms, but they just conveniently neglect to show those links to anybody. We haven’t been able to boost/pay to advertise posts that link to the campaign. Some of our videos have been deep-sixed after posting. It’s tough out here!

We realized that we were being quietly silenced, so we removed all mentions of socks from the campaign. But it seems, so far, that it’s already been “tarnished” in the eyes of the algorithms. We just can’t seem to get many eyes on our posts, links, and mentions of Tracy Queen, V2! The result is that, although we are trying to create a book that will uplift readers and discuss very important socks-related issues…nobody really knows that’s what we’re doing.

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So What Can You Do?

In order to get more eyes on our socks-positive project, we need your help. The more people who talk about Tracy Queen—and socks-positivity in general—the harder it will be for algorithms and taboos to stop us! We need all the help we can get to open up this conversation, and the Tracy Queen, V2 Kickstarter is a great way to start.

Can you post a link to the Kickstarter campaign on your social media accounts? Talk to your friends about it? Mention it in your podcasts or blog posts? Bring it up awkwardly at a fancy dinner party? Literally just tell anyone about it, in any way you can? Every single mention helps us spread the message about how important socks-positivity is, and how Tracy Queen is a part of changing the narrative in our culture.

Thanks for spreading the word and helping us change the world!

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