The “Tracy Queen” Kickstarter Is Making Headlines

tracy queen v2 kickstarter headlines

We’ve got just over a week left in the campaign to fund Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments! And things are heating up at Kickstarter…and around the internet! Here are a few of the headlines this campaign has made.

Lynsey G Writes About Shadow Bans for Women Write About Comics

As our socks-positivity campaign has pointed out already, it’s difficult to talk about socks on the internet these days. So Lynsey G, author of Tracy Queen and co-founder of Oneshi Press, wrote about the struggle to get this graphic novel noticed.

“But my being able to post these things doesn’t mean they’re being seen,” she wrote at Women Write About Comics. “Social media is dictated by a mind-boggling array of algorithms that prioritize certain posts and deprioritize others. And those algorithms, guided as they are by TOS, SESTA/FOSTA, and hundreds of years of sexual repression filtered through the programmers that created them, don’t like frank discussions of sexuality…It’s not that people aren’t interested in supporting the book. It’s that they don’t even know I’m trying to Kickstart it.”

Want to know more about shadow bans and how they affect Oneshi Press? Then read the rest of her article here.

“All Hail the Queen” on the Adrian Has Issues Podcast

Last month, Oneshi Press co-founders Lynsey G and Jayel Draco took to the Adrian Has Issues podcast to discuss Tracy Queen, hero worship, socks-positivity, and feminism.

“Adrian chats with Lynsey and Jayel about their current project Tracy Queen Vol. 2: Dangerous Experiments. The second volume sees the titular character continue her quest for empowerment and independence from her criminal past and greedy adult movie moguls. Oh, did we mention talking raccoons and clone armies?”

Catch up when you listen to the whole podcast. It’s over here!

A Q&A with Luna Luna Magazine

Then, Lynsey G. racked up another headline when she talked to Lisa Marie Basile, founding editor of Luna Luna Magazine, about Tracy Queen:

“Folks with a penchant for weird, pulpy, sci-fi could enjoy this series, because there is a lot of bizarre, over-the-top junk science that’s a total delight! But Tracy’s story goes really deep into the ways in which internalized misogyny can keep women living as lesser-than when they’re capable of so much more. And sometimes that “more” is being open about their sexuality, even profiting on it. So I think anyone with an interest in the intersection of feminism and sex work will find a lot to enjoy. As long as they’re into some truly weird shit, also.”

Want to know more? Then read the rest of the Q&A here!

SmashPages Interviews Lynsey G

More headlines! SmashPages‘ Alex Dueben went deep with Lynsey G about the inspirations behind Tracy Queen. And…well…things got weird. To wit:

“I developed this whole theory about how promiscuous women are the most powerful, from a genetic and evolutionary standpoint. The more men you have sex with, the more you’re promoting sperm competition and vying to get the best possible offspring. I was reading a lot of sexual evolution and sexual psychology books at the time. I went, In modern times, if somebody really wants to take over the world, she won’t do it by having children but by using cloning technology. It was a bizarro brainstorm. I realized that Tracy needs to be a scientist who comes up with this race of cyborg-clones using genetic material from her sexual partners. She’s going to be this pioneering, dominating woman who wants to take over the world.”

Interesting stuff, eh? So read more of the interview here!

And hey, don’t forget! Now’s the time to tell your friends, fams, followers, and fans about the Kickstarter!

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