Which Tracy Queen Character Are You? Find Out with this Quiz!

what tracy queen character are you personality quiz oneshi press

Have you ever lain awake at night, wondering, “If I were a character in Oneshi Press’s brilliant graphic novel, Tracy Queen, which character would I be?” We sure have! It’s a question for the ages. An eternal question, even!

Well, you need lie awake no longer. Our dear friend and steadfast supporter, DeusNova42, has put together a tool to help you divine your true character identity: the What Tracy Queen Character Are You? online quiz!

Just answer a few simple questions, and voila! You’ll find out if you’re a Tracy, a Nikola, a Natasha, a Dickie, or a Howie. Then, share your results on social media so that the rest of the world can find out their Tracy Queen-dentities, too! And be sure to tell us your results in the comments, too. We can’t wait to find out who you are!

And don’t forget to support the Kickstarter for Dangerous Experiments, Volume 2 of Tracy’s epic journey from criminal to love warrior!

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