“Dwayne” Ends Tomorrow!

Here’s Lynsey holding a paperback copy of “Dwayne”!

Campaign Ends Tomorrow!

The campaign to fund Lynsey G’s novella about a 15-ton boulder named Dwayne and his disgruntled roommate ends tomorrow, February 22, 2022!

If you enjoy Kafka, Vonnegut, Keret, or any stories that are vaguely disquieting, existentially troublesome, and also worth a chuckle, you’ll love “Dwayne”!

Last Chance to Preorder!

Before the campaign ends, you can preorder this 70-page novella—the first in the “Tales from Existentia” series! It’s available as an e-book, an audiobook, or a paperback (pictured here), so there’s an accessible way to enjoy it for everyone!

You can also grab other rewards and add-ons. How about an art print of Dwayne by Jayel Draco? Or a 5″ die-cut Shwhiskey sticker? Maybe a Farm State Mutual button? Or perhaps you’d prefer a hand-etched, light-up, multi-color Oneshi Press crest?

They’re all available via Kickstarter! But hurry—the campaign ends on February 22, 2022. That’s tomorrow!

Countdown Party!

Join Oneshi Press tomorrow night for a live-streamed countdown party! Jayel and Lynsey will be live on Twitch from 5:30 – 7:30 pm MST (UTC -7), celebrating the last hours of the campaign, chatting with viewers, and offering sneak peeks at what’s coming next from Oneshi Press!

We’d love to see you in the live chat, to answer your questions, and to celebrate “Dwayne” with you! So stop by and party with us on Twitch!

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