Next Comics Anthology Deadline: December 1! And a Newsletter Giveaway Winner!

e-book Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology #01
Get in our anthology! Submit by December 1!

Submit Your Comics to Our Indie Anthology!

Do you create gorgeous, immersive, progressive comics? Are your stories—visual or written—mold-breaking, speaking up for less-heard voices, and ready to blow minds wide open? Want to have your work published, keep your rights, and earn royalties?

Hey, you sound like you belong on our team! We publish indie, creator-owned, 8-page short comics in our quarterly anthologies! We only ask for first publication rights and right of first refusal. And we pay royalties on any profits earned! All we ask is that you let us show the world your amazing work, and help us get the word out.

Our next deadline is December 1, 2017! You can read all the details and guidelines, and learn how to submit your work, here.  We can’t wait to work with you!

feature article oneshi press rendaraia map by jayel draco
The giveaway prize!

Newsletter Giveaway Winner Announced!

A big thank-you to all our new newsletter recipients! As a gesture of our gratitude, today we picked a name out of co-founder Lynsey G.’s Stetson’s hat to see who of our new sign-ups would win a signed copy of our first fantasy art book from the Children of Gaia universe: The Great Nations of Rendaraia! (You can purchase a copy in our Bookshop, if you’re interested!)

The winner was Jason Johnson, our collaborator and the co-creator of MineCOG: Rendaraia! Since Jason already has a copy of Great Nations, we decided to send him something else entirely…


Congratulations, Jason! We’ll get this map to you soon!

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