Every Oneshi Press Publication Is Now Digital!

Do you love to read comic books, but you just can’t fit any more on your overstuffed shelf? Are you tired of paying shipping on every book you buy? Would you prefer it if you could support indie publishers, but not have to wait for the book to arrive in your mailbox? Do you just love digital comics and ebooks?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we’ve got fantastic news for you!

Let’s Get Digital!

For the first time, every single Oneshi Press publication is available as a digital download from the Oneshi Press store! We’ve turned every last comic book, illustrated novel, and comics anthology into a downloadable .PDF. And we’ve put them all up on our online store for the world to download!

So, digital comics and fantasy readers, rejoice! There’s enough digital content now at the Oneshi Press store to keep you reading for weeks!

Which Titles? ALL OF THEM!

We’ve got nine comics anthologies stuffed full of gorgeous creator-owned comics! Two issues of PACK, our comic book series about vigilante dogs! One volume of Tracy Queen, our favorite love warrior with a raccoon BFF and a cyborg-clone army! Two illustrated Children of Gaia fantasy novels to whisk you off to a faraway realm! And even a two one-off Children of Gaia comics!

They’re all ready to download right the heck now! So get over to the digital side of the Oneshi Press store ASAP and get reading!

Or, you know, if you’re into physical media, find all of the above in trade paperback or limited-edition hardcover! It’s all available at the Oneshi Press store.

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