Digital Comics to Help Fight Wildfires? Let’s Do This.

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Oneshi Press is proud to announce that all of our standalone comics and Children of Gaia books and comics are now available as digital downloads from our online store! That means you can get your sci-fi-fantasy fix, your vigilante dogs itch scratched, and your sex-positive feminist graphic novel needs met—all in one place! Digital comics fans and e-book readers alike can now purchase PDFs of Tracy Queen, Volume 1PACK #1 and #2, and every Children of Gaia book directly from the publisher.

And that’s not all. We like to think of ourselves as an indie publisher that gives a sh!t. And that means caring about the world we live in. Right now, way too much of that world is on fire. So, this week, we’re donating 50% of all our profits from PDF sales to wildfire relief in Australia. That means Australia will get some help fighting fires and taking care of humans and wildlife. And readers will get digital comics and art books! Win-win!

Please help us do our small part to help koalas, kangaroos, humans, and ecosystems alike. And enjoy some high-quality indie publishing, while you’re at it. Visit our online store’s PDF page to browse our selection now, then enjoy some indie publishing goodness while we pass our profits on to a good cause.

(Please note: We will make a one-time donation on January 14. However, we have not chosen which organization to donate to yet. Since wildfires are unpredictable, we want to wait until closer to the date of the donation to choose whether the funds will go to a firefighting organization, a human rescue and relief organization, or a rescue and relief organization for animals. We’re open to suggestions, too! Let us know what you think!)

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