Oneshi Press Anthology #9—The Justice Anthology—Has Landed!

We’ve been collecting short comics into beautiful, full-color anthologies since 2017. And we think this time, we’ve really gone and outdone ourselves. Our ninth anthology explores the concept of justice—what it means, what it doesn’t, and those who seek it imagine it. With work from over two dozen indie creators, the Justice Anthology is one of our most ambitious to date. These 112 gorgeous pages invite you to think about what justice means to these characters, to these stories…and to you. And they’re out now exclusively at the Oneshi Press store!

About the Justice Anthology

Starting with stunning cover art by Shadowind, the anthology kicks off with a frothy, eye-opening introduction by Sonne.

Then, the last installment of Tracy Queen, Volume 2 starts sensually with writing from Lynsey G. and art from Jayel Draco. Next, Brendan Rowe and Fabio Ramacci show us a dating world where singles get satisfaction—or their  money back—in “On a Thing”! We then return to the adventures of “Gabrielle,” where Erica Schultz and Jan Velazquez deliver divine retribution to the boss in a “Sweatshop.” And then, in “The Witch’s Justice” by Nachiket Naik and Jacob Fleming, magical comeuppance applies to everyone, no matter how powerful. After that, a sweet tale of inclusive love and adventure concludes with “Detour, Part 2” from Allison Bannister and Tom O’Brien. In “The Berbackus,” Chris Lackie and Sean Bova weave a tale of cryptid correction.

Then, “Ziegler Box” from Chaka Brown Freeman, Vicente Alcázar, Greg Gallagher, and Nouri Zander takes us down a sinister path where unquenchable thirst is no accident. “Trinkets,” a Children of Gaia tale from Lynsey G. and Eldkrind, introduces readers to magical kids who take on bullies. Next, in “Bloom Squad” by James Wayne Johnson and Marcelo Salaza, finding justice means seeking understanding—even of one’s own superpowers. Then, enter the world of Vigilante 2890 in “Junction” from Kael McDonald and Jacey Chase, where the consequences of injustice are weighed against the consequences of revenge. Finally, the dogs of the PACK watch gentrification encroach in PACK #3: Temperance, 3.2 from Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco.

Nab Yours Now!

The Justice Anthology takes readers on unexpected journeys to look at justice—and its absence—from every angle. These twenty-five creators have built stunning worlds…you’re invited to explore them! There’s a limited supply of these gorgeous 112-page volumes, so be sure to nab yours before they’re gone!

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