Farewell, 2019. Hello, 2020!

Now that 2020 has begun, we’re taking a look back at what we did in 2019—and it turns out we did a lot! So here’s a quick recap.

In 2019, Oneshi Press…

Wow! That’s so much amazing stuff! We want to thank everyone who reads this for their support. But we’re not finished yet! 2020 is going to be Oneshi Press’s biggest year ever.

In 2020, Oneshi Press is going to…

  • Publish Oneshi Press Anthology #9—the justice anthology— featuring work from over two dozen incredible creators!
  • Release all existing Oneshi press titles as digital downloads!
  • Kickstart and publish Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments!
  • Participate in Free Comic Book Day again!
  • Kickstart and publish Mr. Guy, Part 1, featuring work from some fantastic artists!
  • Attend more conventions!
  • Publish Oneshi Press Anthology #10—the origins anthology! (Hint: We’re accepting submissions for that right now!)
  • Kickstart and publish PACK #3: Temperance!
  • Kickstart and publish Accidental Origins, featuring the collected works of Brendan Rowe!
  • Prepare to publish Oneshi Press Anthology #11!
  • Keep interviewing creators!
  • Continue putting quality content on our blog!
  • And, you know, like, kick all the butts.

We wouldn’t be able to keep all of this momentum up without support from Patreon subscribers, Kickstarter backers, and our loyal and fabulous readers. So here’s a gigantic thank-you in advance. We know 2020 is going to be huge, and we’re so glad that you’re along for the ride!

Here’s to a wonderful 2020 full of  progressive, immersive, gorgeous indie publications! Let’s make it great!

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Author: Oneshi Press

Oneshi Press is an independent publishing company based in Missoula, Montana. Our passion is creating stories that explore dark corners, shatter taboos, emphasize progressive ideals, and immerse you in intricate worlds. We’re inviting you to explore them! Our company publishes high-quality comics, graphic novels, and illustrated books that contribute to the collective conversation, helping to unify and transform one another into more nuanced thinkers and compassionate members of the world we share.

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