Call for Submissions: The Origins Anthology

oneshi press origins anthology

Oneshi Press is issuing an open call for submissions to the summer 2020 Oneshi Press anthology of short comics and art. This issue’s theme? Origins!


Where did your character come from? Where did they start their journey? How did their epic adventure begin? When did it all get going? Why did go the way it did? We want to know the answers to all these questions, and more! And we want to show the world in our tenth comics anthology.

We strongly recommend visiting our website and online store to find out what kinds of things we’ve published in the past—especially the other anthologies. This will give you an idea of what kinds of stories we love to explore. If you’d like to give our work a read,  you can purchase print copies at our store, or digital copies at Spinwhiz or Comixology.

So, here’s our open call to put together your script, your art, your poetry, or your finished short comic. Send your work to info@oneshipress.com by February 1, 2020 at the very latest! If we accept your submission, your finished work will be due to us by April 15, 2020.

There’s more information below, and even more at our submissions page.

What We’re Looking For…

Finished Comics:

Short comics wanted (8 pages is ideal)! Remember, we’re looking for comics that explore the theme of origins…but we’re always looking for work for future anthologies, too. So send what you’ve got!


We’re searching for great artists to pair with writers on short comics projects! And we also like to feature the work of brilliant artists in our Artist Spotlights—one-page features about artists we love! So send us your portfolios, and we’ll get back to you!


If you’ve written a short comic script that fits the origins theme, but don’t have art yet, that’s okay! Send us your script and let us know if you have an artist attached or if you’re searching.


We think poetry and sequential art are beautiful together. Our Poets and Artists project pairs poets with artists to see what happens! If you’ve written a poem about origins, send it to us!


  • We need submissions of comics, scripts, poems, art portfolios, and cover art concepts by February 1, 2020.
  • If we accept your submission, your finished work will be due to us by April 15, 2020.
  • The anthology will be released on July 15, 2020.

Where to send it:

E-mail us your work at info@oneshipress.com by February 1 for consideration in our Summer 202 origins anthology.

Who We Work With:

Everybody and anybody! Oneshi Press is excited to work with beginning creators, seasoned professionals, and everybody in between! We want fresh voices, exciting new perspectives, and folks with important stories to tell. We’re especially excited to work with folks from marginalized groups, because we believe that your voices need to be heard.


We aren’t able to pay our contributors up-front for contributions. We work on a collaborative co-op model, where everybody wins when anybody wins. So, we offer all our contributors the ability to purchase anthologies at lowered prices and resell those anthologies themselves.

If an anthology is a runaway success, it might earn back its production costs and then some. If that happens, we’ll pay royalties to our contributors.

What We Make:

We print a small number of limited-edition anthologies. These are shipped out to our contributors, our Patreon subscribers, and anybody who buys them via our online store. We also sell them at select comics shops and bookstores, and at conventions. And we invite our contributors to sell theirs wherever they like, as well. We also sell digital copies of the full anthologies online via Spinwhiz Comics and Comixology.

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