Why Should Publishers Work With Beginning Creators?

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Over the few years that Oneshi Press has been publishing indie comics anthologies, we’ve worked with a lot of new creators. In fact, we’ve been the first ever to publish comics by some of our contributors! We’re honored to work with beginning and first-time creators. But we know not everyone feels the same way. In fact, some publishers only want to work with experienced pros. So why are we different? Why do we work with beginners?

We’ve got plenty of reasons for publishing work from emerging comics creators. Here are our top five:

  1. It’s awesome.

    What can we say? Making people’s dreams come true feels great. And many creators have always wanted to make a comic, but were never able to make it happen. When we’re able to give them the opportunity to see their work in print, we feel fantastic about helping them achieve their goals! Hey, we’re allowed to pat ourselves on the back every now and again, especially if we’re helping others along the way. Right?

  2. Beginners’ stories are fresh and exciting.

    Creators who are just entering the world of publishing comics often haven’t yet learned what “the industry” expects. And some have taken a look at what “the industry” seems to like, realized that something was missing, and decided to do it themselves—even better. What we’re saying is that new voices are often more compelling, more imaginative, and less jaded than more experienced pros. We’re fans of compelling, imaginative, and un-jaded. How about you?

  3. They’re industry innovators.

    Every industry thrives when it changes. Beginning creators come in with new ideas that can shake up old paradigms. We know that change can be scary, but it’s the only way to keep a medium relevant. And it’s the best way to ensure that that medium’s industry survives as preferences and technologies change. We believe that fresh voices are the lifeblood of keeping publishing on the edge of exciting changes.  With their energy, drive, and innovative ideas, beginning creators have untold ability to create important, positive changes.

  4. Their hearts are in the right place.

    At Oneshi Press, we publish things that give a shit. And we often find that beginning creators share the goal of making change to make the world better. But we know our progressive, immersive ideals can sound a little high-falutin’ to folks who are set in their ways. By working with emerging creators who also want to make a difference, we keep our company reaching toward its goals…and also spread the word about progressive, inclusive, immersive, gorgeous books and comics. Win-win!

  5. We’re building an army.

    No, seriously. We’re out to take over the world.
    Look. It might be a little selfish, but we really enjoy introducing new-ish creators to our community-minded, co-op model of publishing. Our indie comics anthologies are based on the idea that if we all help each other out with creation, publication, and promotion, everyone will benefit. We believe strongly in the principle of collaboration over competition, and we like to introduce our contributors to it, as well. Our hope? By spreading the word to all the beginning creators we work, we’ll create an army of like-minded individuals. Together, we’ll lift each other up until the whole comics-making world is better for it!

Want to be in our army? Check out our submission guidelines here, or get in touch with us over here!

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