Spinwhiz Is Oneshi Press’s New Digital Comics Home!

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Oneshi Press is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Spinwhiz Comics, a new digital comics platform! Spinwhiz was designed to allow content creators to share their content, build their brands, and gain revenue through multiple avenues. It was also created to give readers a daily stream of new comics they may not have noticed otherwise with all of the competitive noise in the marketplace. In other words, Spinwhiz wants to help connect readers with the very best indie comics. Like Oneshi Press’s growing catalog!

If you’re a digital comics reader, Spinwhiz offers great prices, excellent membership options, and a growing selection of comics in all genres. You can nab your favorite comics there, of course. But when you join, you can also chat in threads and forums on the site, enter contests and giveaways, and access your own library of content through the site! Oh, and you can support small indie comics creators with every purchase! Win-win!

At Oneshi Press, we’re proud to partner with Spinwhiz. That’s why it’s the new home of Oneshi Press’s digital comics, graphic novels, and illustrated novels! Now, our whole catalog is available at our new Spinwhiz store. That includes all of our comics anthologies, issue 1 of both PACK and Tracy Queen, standalone short comics, and even The Great Nations of Rendaraia! And we’ll be updating our store with new releases—like our 8th comics anthology and PACK #2—as soon as they’re ready!

Spinwhiz has it all, and we’re excited to be a part of their growth. So go give Spinwhiz a…spin! (Sorry, we had to!)

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