Oneshi Press Will Be At SpoCon 2019!

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Oneshi Press is getting ready to head to Spokane, Washington, for SpoCon 2019, and we want to see you there! Here’s everything you need to know about our weekend.

SpoCon 2019

From August 9 to 11, we’ll be hawking our wares in the Dealer’s Room at the Historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. For the uninitiated, SpoCon is a regional sci-fi and fantasy convention held every year in Spokane. And Oneshi Press is proud to be a return vendor there! We had a blast last year, and we’re excited to go back for more in 2019!

This year, we’ll have a whole booth filled with our comics, graphic novels, anthologies, illustrated books, wall art, postcards, and stickers. Co-founders Jayel Draco and Lynsey G., as well as COG core members Chris Covelli and Laure Bersig, will be at the booth.

Oneshi Press’s Schedule

SpoCon 2019 will be jam-packed with gaming, cosplay, vendors, and excellent programming. And Oneshi Press is proud to take part in the schedule of events! You can find a full schedule of SpoCon programming right here.

Or, for more specific Oneshi Press action, here are the individual speaking schedules for Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco. Here’s a breakdown of where to find Oneshi Press over the weekend:

Saturday, August 10

10:00 a.m. – Lincoln – Harmful Tropes and How to Avoid Them – Feat. Lynsey G, Dr. Guy Worthy, Voss Foster, Richard Flores IV, and Kaye Thornbaugh – Tropes, Cliches, Stereotypes. They are sneaky and can creep in while we aren’t looking. Our panel will help identify what they are and how to keep them our of your work.

11:00 a.m. – State Room B – Children of Gaia – Feat. Jayel Draco, Chris Covelli, and Lynsey G. – Co-creators of this vast fantasy universe and book series will discuss world-building, multi-character storytelling, multi-media plans, and more.

9:00 p.m. – Grand Pennington Ballroom B – Labyrinth – Feat. Lynsey G. and Bethany Loy – Watch the classic fantasy film…with feminist appreciation (and possible heckling) from the panelists!

Sunday, August 11

12:00 p.m. – Lincoln – Re-Thinking Gender Roles – Feat. Lynsey G., Dean Wells, and Voss Foster – As we move deeper into the 21st Century, there’s more discussion of past harm done by limited gender roles. Is Patriarchy really dead, and how are gender roles evolving?

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