We’re Part of Free Comic Book Day 2019 at Muse Comics!

free comic book day pack 1 humility

This Saturday is going to be one of the biggest geek fests of all time! Not only is it May the 4th, the nearly universally recognized day of Star Wars celebration…it’s also Free Comic Book Day!

What’s Free Comic Book Day?

Free comic book day is a yearly celebration of comics and the places where they live—local comic book shops! Publishers and retailers team up on the first Saturday of every May to give comics fans access to signings by their favorite creators, a chance to look around their shops, and, of course, free comics! Learn more at the official Free Comic Book Day website!

What’s Oneshi Press Doing for FCBD?

This year, Oneshi Press is taking part in this epic celebration. We’re giving away 25 copies of PACK #1: Humility to Missoula comics fans at Muse Comics!

Doors open at 10:00, and the party will go till 3:00. They’ll include signings by local comic book creators, free comics from publishers both local and otherwise, and of course the outstanding comics and gaming offerings of Muse!

Oneshi Press readers should be sure to get to the shop on South Higgins early for a shot at these 25 high-quality, full-color paperbacks before they’re gone! Free Comic Book Day packs hundreds of people into Muse every year, so it won’t take long for these super high-quality, full-color, gorgeous comics to disappear. (Extra double-plus bonus: There will be a little something extra inside each copy!)

So get into the spirit! Drop by Muse this Saturday for free Oneshi Press comics…or stop by your local comic book shop, wherever you are, to take part in the festivities!

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