“Tracy Queen, Volume 1” Is Now Digital!

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Tracy Queen, Volume 1 Is on ComiXology!

We’re ridiculously proud of the gorgeous, full-color trade paperback copies of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 that we released last month! But we’re also aware that not everybody is quite as s are excited about them as we are! We know that some readermore into digital comics—they’re mobile-friendly, take up less space on the bookshelf, and cost less to purchase. So we’re thrilled to announce that Tracy Queen, Volume 1 is now available digitally from ComiXology!

Join our hero Tracy as she begins her journey from repressed, downtrodden mafia enforcer to empowered adult entertainer and warlord in the first volume of the epic eight-part graphic novel! You’ll get glimpses into her future role as the leader of a cyborg-clone army! You’ll discover how she met her BFF, the talking raccoon named Nikola! And you’ll even sneak a peek at her shadowy mafioso grandfather—the head of the Dragon Clan syndicate!

Don’t delay! The full 60-page issue, including guest art and pin-up pages, can be yours now! Get it in print from the Oneshi Press store, or in digital from ComiXology!

Everything Is on ComiXology

And it’s not just Tracy Queen! All of our other comics are also available on ComiXology! From PACK #1 to all of our seven comics anthologies, featuring dozens of creators from around the world! We’ve even got the first short comic from the Children of Gaia fantasy universe, and the first of many standalone comics from our many creators! So check out the Oneshi Press page on ComiXology to browse. And check back often because we’re always adding more!

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