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As spring showers turn into spring flowers, the first volume of our sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel, Tracy Queen, is buzzing! Right now, the story of a young woman who turns from a life of organized crime violence to one of empowered pleasure has got the internet in a tizzy. And we couldn’t be happier! So check out the articles linked below for the latest coverage of this wild sci-fi adventure!


Everyone wants to hear from the writer behind Tracy Queen, so Lynsey G. sat down to talk to interviewers at two publications…

  • Women’s lifestyle website She Does the City interviewed Tracy Queen author and Oneshi Press co-founder Lynsey G. They discussed interest in writing about sex work, her inspirations, and the challenges in writing and publishing a kickass, sex-positive, female character! Here’s a little nibble from the interview:
    “We pitched Tracy Queen to many traditional comics and graphic novel publishers, but we got confused responses like, ‘So…let us get this straight. This is a sexy story with sex in it, but it’s not an explicit erotica comic? Does not compute.’ It fell between the cracks of ‘not sexy enough’ for one market and ‘too sexy’ for others.”
    Now, read the rest! “Meet Tracy Queen: The Sex-Positive Killer Camgirl Redefining the Comic Superhero” at She Does the City!
  • Next, Lynsey chatted with SciFiPulse about her career as a writer, representation of sex workers in the media, and the science fiction inspirations behind Tracy Queen! Here’s a taste:
    “The strongest theme is definitely the mad-scientist trope, and most strongly Frankenstein. That’s hands-down my favorite book… Many of the stories it’s spawned have affected me, too—Rocky Horror Picture Show among them. The themes of creating life where one has no right to do so, then grappling with the humanity—or not—of one’s creation are really big in Tracy Queen. As is the search for the main character’s own humanity.”
    Next, read the whole interview! “Lynsey G Discusses Her Career, Learning from the Adult Entertainment Industry, and Her Graphic Novel ‘Tracy Queen’” at SciFiPulse!


Feeling the buzz? Interested in learning more about this superheroic character? Then grab your own copy of Tracy Queen, Volume 1 in print or digital format when you head over the Oneshi Press Store!

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