An Interview With “A Tale of Good Intentions” Creators Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay

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“A Tale of Good Intentions” is a short comic written by Patricia Loupee and illustrated by Amy Hay. It appears in our eighth comics anthology. “A Tale of Good Intentions” tackles difficult subject matter by examining how even superheroes can’t always fix the problems they see. We talked to Patricia and Amy about this story, their character Nightmist, and their inspirations.

Tell us about yourselves, Patricia and Amy. How and why did you get into comics?

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Patricia Loupee

Patricia: Hi! I’m Patricia, a 34-year-old queer comics creator from Brazil. I always loved comics, and, with a moderate talent for drawing, tried to pursue them in my early teens, but that led to nothing. I passed through writing prose, and even got a few short stories published in my country, but only in my late twenties, after a mental breakdown at work where I had to take some time to cool down, I saw a video about coloring comics and thought “Hmm, I can do this, too.” And I have been doing comics as an editor, writer, and colorist ever since.

Amy: I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and was drawing and telling stories about my drawings all through my childhood. My love for comics is pretty closely entwined with my love for animation, especially hand-drawn. I went to school to learn Maya (3D software) and worked as a freelancer—first generalist and then rigger—for about ten years. Right now I can’t commit to the long hours and irregular schedule of freelancing, so I’ve gone back to my first love, drawing stories.

Can you tell us about your inspiration and process for creating “A Tale of Good Intentions“? How did the two of you decide to work on this comic together?

Patricia: When I wrote this story my mind took a trip down memory lane and threw me back into early childhood memories of the domestic violence I lived through. I placed myself in the role of Nightmist, as someone who has the urge to help in such situations, but doesn’t know exactly what to do. “A Tale of Good Intentions” was actually written with another artist in mind (I don’t think Amy knows this!), but he passed away due to cancer late last year. I later found Amy offering her services to artist at a Facebook group, and that’s where we two got together.

Amy: I really liked the character Patricia wrote and the story she tells here. Even though it’s short, I think Patricia managed to capture some of the moral complexity in a domestic violence situation. Nightmist has great powers, but even great powers can’t solve some problems. It’s the kind of story I like to read, and one I’m proud to have worked on.

Did the final look and style of Nightmist seem different from what either of you had envisioned in your head?

Patricia: As I said, there was another artist involved before Amy, and he did some drawings before getting sick—and since those drawings were based on sketches of mine, I think she looks exactly how I envisioned, no more, no less! Amy got her perfectly!

Amy: Thanks, Patricia!

Who are your writing and artistic heroes, and other people who inspire you?

nightmist a tale of good intentions oneshi press
A panel from “A Tale of Good Intentions” by Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay.

Patricia: I can’t talk about writing comics without talking about Gail Simone. She was the first female comics pro I ever got to know the existence of, and she not only proved to me that girls could make it in the big leagues too, [but] her writing was always stellar and inspiring. I also love Alan Moore and Mark Waid, who have written my two favorite comic books of all time: Watchmen and Kingdom Come.

Amy: Even though she’s probably ten years younger than me, I am hugely inspired by Fiona Staples and her work on Saga. Her drawings are just awesome, and it’s great that she’s a she—would be even greater if that didn’t matter. It’s not a comprehensive list at all, but some other artists I admire greatly are Satoshi Kon, Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Margaret Atwood, Hernandez Bros., Sana Takeda, James Jean, David Mack, Neal Stephenson, Connie Willis, Spike Lee, Terry Gilliam and Alan Moore. I’ll have to check out Kingdom Come.  

What’s your all-time favorite comic-book-based movie? TV series?

Patricia: The original The Crow, with Brandon Lee, had a huge impact in my life, and would later inspire much of the aesthetic that I imply in the comics I write. Most recently, I developed an undying love for Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, even though most people hate it. I love it. Sue me.

Amy: I loved The Crow too.  I haven’t seen much of it, but Legion sure looks pretty.

Have either of you made any comics, aside from “A Tale of Good Intentions“?

Patricia: Yes! In 2018, I contributed to the now Prism Awards–nominated anthology Being True, and earlier this year, the first issue of Nightmist’s ongoing series has been published on Amazon by Dojo Kun Comics.

Amy: I have done art for three other comics, ‘The Shortest Distance’ by Kevin Nault, TEA! by Ria, and Fair Enough (Issue #1) by Danny Lobell.  TEA! is on comiXology, and both it and Fair Enough can be found at The Comic Bug for those in the LA area.

What’s important to you in a comic book, as a reader? As a writer and artist?

Patricia: As a reader, I want the same [thing] that I want as a writer: a good story.

Amy:  Great art and great story. 

How do you make your work immersive and progressive (the Oneshi Press themes)?

a job for nightmist amy hay oneshi press
Another panel from “A Tale of Good Intentions” by Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay.

Patricia: By speaking about the things I have lived and experienced in the world. In the past, much of what was written was mere wish fulfillment, but nowadays, reflecting the world is what matters—you don’t necessarily need a happy ending, just the knowledge that somebody will be able to relate.

Amy: I see my role as being in service to the story, and trying to create the best and most specific world around it that I can.  

Any new projects you’re working on? Are there old projects either of you have that you would like to promote?

Patricia: Nothing I can release at the moment, but soon!

Amy: I am working on two more projects!  Hopefully I will have more to say about those by end of the year.

Where can readers find you online?

Patricia: I’m most active on Twitter (@pdloupee), but I also have a blog, updated irregularly with the rejects of my work.

Amy: Twitter (@ymahay), Facebook (Teahouse), Instagram (yymahayy). 

Check out “A Tale of Good Intentions” by Patricia Loupee and Amy Hay in Oneshi Press Anthology #08, out now from Oneshi Press!

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