Tracy’s Back! “Dangerous Experiments” Out Now in Print & Digital!

Tracy’s Back in Dangerous Experiments!

At last, the second installment of the epic, sex-positive, sci-fi  graphic novel Tracy Queen is here! Launching today in both trade paperback and digital formats, Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments brings back indie comics’ favorite mob-enforcer-turned-camgirl-turned-porn-star-turned-warlord. Now, Tracy’s making new friends and worse enemies! Plus learning deeper backstories! And winning more fabulous fights! Even filming even sexier sex scenes!

About Tracy Queen:

Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments brings back everyone’s favorite killer camgirl, Tracy Queen! This ongoing graphic novel began last year with Tracy Queen, Volume 1, where Tracy—a brilliant but sheltered Brooklynite with a penchant for hookah and a talent for swordplay—broke free of her grandfather’s crime syndicate to pursue a life of pleasure as an adult webcam model. But her journey to self-discovery and empowerment won’t come easily…

About Dangerous Experiments

Tracy Queen, Volume 2: Dangerous Experiments opens with Tracy having left the employ of her grandfather’s crime syndicate. She’s struck out on her own as an empowered, independent woman. And, with a raccoon for a best friend and a budding career as an adult webcam model, she’s ready to take on the world!

But several months into her new life…she’s so freaking bored! Then she discovers that her grandfather’s gang is trafficking a new kind of merchandise. Tracy’s ennui turns to bloody vengeance, and soon she’s rescued four young women from a horrible fate.

Now, Tracy has a new mission. She’ll destroy harmful ideas about women’s sexuality…by creating hot, consensual adult entertainment that puts Tracy in charge! But first, she must help the women she’s rescued get home, transform her warehouse into a film studio, and learn to vet on-screen partners. Meanwhile, she’s sidestepping her grandfather’s surveillance. And also avoiding Dickie Doublefinger, the L.A. smut producer determined to squash Tracy’s freedom. Along the way, Tracy will face a stunning betrayal that culminates in a massive battle she never foresaw…

Who’s Involved?

Award-winning sex-positive writer Lynsey G reprises her role as a graphic novelist in Volume 2 of this 8-part serial graphic novel. Veteran illustrator Jayel Draco creates the gorgeous art. Comics-industry stalwart Cardinal Rae handles lettering. And whimsical-slash-eerie illustrator Tangmo Cecchini turns in a stunning cover. Guest art from James Johnson, Dylan J Fox, Sophia Murphy, and Shaydens Doodle also appears in the book!

There aren’t too many of these gorgeous books available. So grab it now in trade paperback or digital format, exclusively from the Oneshi Press store!

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