A Q&A with Jayel Draco—Barrels of Butts, Zombie Tropes, & Turtle Soup

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We’re preparing for the biggest Kickstarter we’ve ever attempted! This July, we’re joining forces with 30 creatives from all over the world in the Origins Kickstarter, funding two amazing comics collections. One of those is Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1, To Save Himself. That book is going to be, hands-down, the weirdest thing we’ve ever published. We love weird, and we hope you will too.

The co-founder of Oneshi Press, Jayel Draco is also the creator Mr. Guy! How did he come up with this reluctant, half-goblin hero with a wisecrack for everything and a rotting, haunted arm with superpowers? Find out in this Q&A that our dear friend DeusNova42 did with Jayel Draco over at the Mr. Guy website!

In addition to waxing philosophical about how his inspirations, his writing tactics, and why he’s letting eleven other artists illustrate the story, he managed to fit in barrels of butts, a lot of cooking analogies, and turtle soup.

Here’s a taste of the interview:

As a teenager back in the nineteen hundreds—the mid-nineties to be precise—I had a deep love for all things pop culture, but was especially tickled by zombies. I loved thinking about how I might endeavor to survive in a zombie-apocalypse scenario. Which always brought me back to the question of which zombie-apocalypse scenario. I also loved high fantasy, and loved the idea of a goblin main character, which is something you don’t really see much of. At some point it just clicked: Modern-world zombie apocalypse + high-fantasy! But again, which zombie apocalypse? In playing with various versions, it hit me: Why not all of them?

There’s lots more where that came from. You can read the rest of this wild ride into the brilliantly weird brain of our co-founder, Jayel Draco, over here!

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