Preorders Open for “Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments”!

tracy queen v2 dangerous experiments square logo cover tangmo cecchiniIt’s almost time! The next installment of the epic, socks-positive Tracy Queen saga is almost here! There are an extremely limited number of paperback copies of Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments to go around. So now’s your chance: Preorder your copy before it’s too late!

About V2: Dangerous Experiments

When we left Tracy at the end of Volume 1, she’d just met her new BFF, Nikola the raccoon. Then, at his suggestion, she’d learned how to give herself pleasure. Bolstered by her new independence, she then left her grandfather’s crime syndicate. And then she’d started a new career as an adult webcam model. What happens next?

Find out in V2: Dangerous Experiments, the bombastic follow-up! In this 52-page, full-color volume, Tracy continues her erotic journey! She explores new possibilities! She saves lives and kicks ass! And she vows to change the world…by making more hot videos on the internet. Meet her new friends and nemeses! Watch her make smut! And learn how she and Nikola are both dangerous experimetns!

Preorder Dangerous Experimentsthe second issue of the 8-part Tracy Queen comic book series—in limited-edition paperback or digital format! Written by Lynsey G and illustrated by Jayel Draco. With cover by Tangmo Cecchini, lettering by by Cardinal Rae, and flats by Flattsquat. Also featuring guest art by Shaydens Doodle, Jason Johnson, Dylan Jay Fox, and Sophia MurphySponsored by Bad Dragon—what’s your fantasy?

The paperback will be released on May 27, 2020. Our limited-edition, full-color trade paperback stock won’t last long!

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