Heads Up! The Origins Kickstarter Is On Its Way!

Okay, folks. Are you ready for a huge announcement? Good. Because we’ve got one. This summer, we’re combining two big projects into one giant crowdfunding campaign—the Origins Kickstarter!

Two Projects, One Theme

In light of the current situation, we’ve had to somewhat condense our timeline and our budget for 2020, as have many other small businesses. But we still really, really want to put out the badass projects we had lined up for the year. So we’re rolling two projects into one Kickstarter during the month of July, all with the theme of Origins in mind! Please watch the video above (or on YouTube), or keep reading below, for more information.

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is an epic, post-zombie apocalypse, action/horror/comedy graphic novel. The story features 1 continuous narrative written by Jayel Draco, broken up into 8-page story arcs, each one illustrated by a different artist delivering a smorgasbord of visual stylings. Each arc explores a different take on this well-loved theme, and the varied visual stylings help to frame each vignette with its own delectable sensibilities.

Act 1 of this 3-part epic will feature cover art by Sonne, and story arcs illustrated by Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase! And it will tell the tale of Mr. Guy’s origins as a zombie hunter: How did he get a haunted arm in the first place? What’s with that skull that follows him around? And what does all of this have to do with saving the world?

The Origins Anthology – OPCA #10

Our tenth collection of creator-owned short comics from diverse creators around the world will center on the theme of Origins. Where did the story start? How did these characters start their journeys? What’s at the beginning of this time loop? Where did these alien invaders come from? And more!

With dozens of creators involved, we’ll be publishing fourteen short comics and oodles of guest art in this anthology that will span 120 pages of gorgeous indie comics! We are so freaking excited about the comics in this collection—it may be our best yet! (For comparison, check out the other nine!)

The Origins Campaign

From July 1 till July 31, we’ll be raising funds to print and distribute both of these amazing books, with the goal of paying everyone involved. That includes the creators themselves, as well as the printers who make the books, and even the publishers—Oneshi Press.

Stay tuned, because we are going to be dropping lots and lots of news, sneak peeks, creator interviews, videos, and more over the next two months as the Origins Kickstarter approaches! Be sure to check back here, on social media (we’re @oneshipress everywhere), and at MrGuyComic.com as July approaches!

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