We’re Back! Oneshi Press on the “Adrian Has Issues” Podcast!

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The co-founders of Oneshi Press—Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco—are back for more on the newest “Adrian Has Issues” podcast with host Adrian King!

On their second appearance on the show, these mega-geeks dish about Oneshi Press’s mission statement, Tracy Queen, PACK, and Children of Gaia. They also delve into theories of community-building, business-making, and, of course, SYNERGY, since that’s what businesses do, right? …right? (We know business…stuff.)

A snippet:

Adrian: “It’s sad that ‘building a buzz’ is itself a buzzworthy phrase, which is cringeworthy. And I hate that that’s a thing. There’s got to be another way to say that, where you don’t sound like a jerk. But man, that’s what happens when being cool gets co-opted.”

Lynsey: “That’s kind of the thing with corporate speak. It’s based on taking a large idea and turning it into these little sound bytes that you can throw into your presentation. And of course I want to use the sound byte instead of explaining everything, since everyone knows what it means. But then you sound like ‘that guy.'”

For more fun banter, give the episode a listen at the Adrian Has Issues website, or on your favorite podcast platform!

Bonus: Lynsey & Jayel won the “dorkiest conversation ever” on this epically dorky geek-culture podcast. No small feat. Hint: We know a lot about Doctor Who.

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