Oneshi Press Anthology #07 Now on ComiXology!

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Oneshi Press prides itself on creating luscious, full-color printed comics. We’ve made 7 collections of them, plus the first standalone issue of our ongoing series, PACK. But did you know that we also proudly offer gorgeous digital versions of everything we publish? It’s true! All of our comics are available through ComiXology—including our most recent anthology.

OPQA7 Now on ComiXology

Oneshi Press Anthology #07 features work from Walter Ostlie, Renamey, Kyle Lawrence, Bo Christian, Mac Radwanski, Miguel Colón, Grivante, Brent Sterling, Diana Camero, Jayel Draco, Lynsey G., and more. Its 60 pages of short comics and fine art are all stunningly gorgeous…and it’s all available for digital download! And right now, the entire digital collection is less than $3 on ComiXology!

Every Anthology on ComiXology

As a matter of fact, for a limited time, each Oneshi Press anthology is available for less than the price of a ride on the New York subway. And they’re all immeasurably more fun. (You would rather encounter a mad scientist, zombie exterminator, or killer cat in the pages of our anthologies than on the subway, right?) Altogether, that’s 400 pages of beautiful indie comics and art from dozens of amazing international creators, all for less than the price of dinner for 2 at Red Lobster. And, come on, Red Lobster isn’t even that great. Well. Except for those biscuits.

Anyway, take a peek at our latest anthology on ComiXology right now to get in on this sweet deal before it’s gone! Or, if you’re more of an on-paper comics fan, check out the print version at our online store!

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