We’re Seeking Contributors (Here’s Why You Should Submit Your Work)

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Oneshi Press is seeking submissions of short comics for our first semiannual anthology, due out in July, 2019. We’re looking for you best, most progressive, most immersive, and gorgeous-est short comics. We want them submitted by March 1. And we want them from you. Yes, you! But there are a lot of indie publishers out there, so why should you choose to work with Oneshi Press?

We’ve got lots of reasons, but the short answer is simple: Because we love our contributors. We’re not just looking for any old comics—we want gorgeous, immersive, progressive work that speaks to the best in our readers. And in order to get that work, we need to collaborate with the coolest, most imaginative, most talented, and most amazing folks on the planet. We want to do our best by them, so we work hard to be freaking awesome to work with. Want more reasons? Here are five!

  1. We give a shit. As a small publisher in a crowded comics marketplace, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. Oneshi Press makes its voice heard by proudly, truly giving a shit about the work we publish, the people we work with, and the world at large. We take special care to source work whose values we agree with, whose quality meets our high standards, and whose content leaves readers feeling its impact when they’ve finished—whether with a laugh, a sob, or a deep thought process.
  2. We want to center marginalized voices and experiences. Oneshi Press decided to publish indie comics for a reason: We think that everyone’s stories are important, especially folks from communities whose voices aren’t often heard in mainstream entertainment. We proudly invite LBTQIA+, POC, trans and nonbinary, pagan, disabled, and other marginalized creators to contribute to our works, tell their stories. We’d love to help you change the dominant narrative to one that values all perspectives and voices, because we believe that everything—from comics to daily life—will be better for everyone when that happens.
  3. We print super-high-quality comics. With Oneshi Press, you don’t need to worry about your work coming out looking subpar. Not only are we dedicated to printing comics you can hold in your hand (in addition to digital comics). But, because we are a boutique publisher, we’re even able to spend time and energy on each print run. We work with small service providers whose products we vet carefully to create truly gorgeous volumes of stunning beauty. Our publications are all printed in full color on high-quality paper, and we take special care with every page to make sure that everything looks its best.
  4. We’re looking for short comics, but we take longer works, too. Our comics anthologies mostly consist of eight-page short comics. Not many publishers print those, so if you’ve got a super-short piece in mind, look no further for an outlet! But we’re not only looking for eight-page comics: We’ve worked with a number of creators whose longer creations have been spread out across multiple anthologies. In other words: We want to know what you’re working on, no matter how long it is!
  5. We’ll promote you like woah. Oneshi Press believes in collaboration over competition, and we just so happen to love our contributors. Since we work so hard to collaborate with people whose values and quality of work corresponds with our own, it turns out that we really like the people we publish! And that means, in turn, that we love promoting their work! We’ll shout you out on social media at every opportunity, help you promote your other projects, and even interview you about your work as part of our Creator Interview series. The better your career is doing, the happier we are!

Honestly, we could go on. There are lots of other perks to working with Oneshi Press, like the fact that we send our contributors complimentary copies of our anthologies on publication. Or that our contract doesn’t tether contributors to us for ever and ever. Or the fact that we’re just gosh-darn into what we do. But, honestly, who reads a listicle past number five? The point here is—we want to see what you’re up to. We might want to publish it. And we’re open to submissions until March 1! So send us what you’ve got!

All the guidelines and deadlines live at our submissions page. What are you waiting for? Go do the thing!

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