PACK #01: Humility Is FUNDED!

It is with great…Humility…that we announce that, as of 6:00 p.m. on June 5…our very first standalone comic book in the gritty series PACK is FULLY FUNDED!

That’s right! Our Kickstarter to fund printing of the first issue of our comic book about rescue dogs turned vigilantes hit 100% funded…so we did a happy dance! Please refer to the video evidence below as evidence of our human tail-wagging!

Stretch Goals

We’ve still got a week and a half left before this Kickstarter campaign wraps up, so now we’re focusing on our stretch goals! We want to offer you more PACK #01: Humility if we hit our next two funding goals!

  • Stretch Goal #1: If we hit $1,750, we’ll be able to add four more pages to the first issue of PACK! That’s four pages of extra art of Patience and the Dogs of Virtue, including chapter covers and concept art. Together with the cover, that will bring the page count of our first issue up to 32 pages of doggos!
  • Stretch Goal #2: At $2,000, we’ll add eight more pages! They’ll include chapter covers, concept art, and other surprise goodies. At that level, the page count for PACK #01: Humility will be 36 pages, including the cover!

There just miiiight be some more ridiculous videos of us wagging our tails in it, too. Just maybe!

Spread the Word

If you like the sound of these stretch goals, let the world know! You can back the campaign, up your pledge, or share the link via social media. Or, heck, you can tell all of your friends and family about Humility and the five other stray dogs—and stray man—who roam the streets of Brooklyn, putting crime under the fang. If your loved ones love dogs and hate crime, then maybe they’ll want to help! (Hint: Send them the link!)

In the meantime, we’ll be over here happy dancing a bunch more because we are SO excited to print 1,000 copies of Humility! And then to share the first of this gritty series with a surprisingly humane heart with the world. Whee!

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