An Interview with Comics Writer Michael Norwitz

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A panel from “Trouble with a Capital T” by Michael Norwitz & Kevin Sheely.

Michael Norwitz is the writer behind the short comic “Trouble with a Capital T,” a tale of the twisted morality of supervillains…and superheroes! “Trouble” featured art from “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely and lettering from Cardinal Rae, and appeared in our third comics anthology. We spoke with Michael about his work, his influences, his process, and his current projects!

Why and how did you start writing comics?

I created a Marvelman/Miracleman pastiche called Mackerelman, which I’d hoped to get into Alter Ego in a faux historical article.  Those plans never came to fruition, but when the story was accepted by The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, I was hooked like crack.

interview michael nortwitz photo oneshi pressHow did you learn how to write comics?

Trial and error, mostly.

Who are your comics heroes? Writers, artists, or others who inspire you?

Far too many to name, although Alan Moore, Steve Gerber, Eddie Campbell, Steve Skeates, Reed Waller, and Los Bros Hernandez are certainly among my influences.

What’s your favorite comic-book-based movie? TV series?

Ghost WorldThe End of the F****ing World.  Other things with ‘World’ in the title.

Who’s your favorite comic book hero? Villain? Morally ambiguous anti-hero?

The fabulous, fighting, foulmouthed Wonder Warthog!

We published your piece, “Trouble with a Capital T” in our third anthology. That story dealt with the moral ambiguity. Is that a theme you write about often?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I also  enjoy playing with and inverting classic tropes, and ‘the femme fatale attempting to seduce the hero into villainy’ has always fascinated me.  I’m also partial to morally ambiguous femme fatales.

How do you make your work immersive and progressive (the Oneshi Press themes)?

I aim for diverse casts, and attempt to put a piece of myself into everyone I write about.

Any new projects coming up?

Possession, an upcoming title from Markosia Press.

possession comic michael norwitz interview oneshi press

Where can readers find you online?


While you’re here, grab a copy of Oneshi Press Anthology #03, featuring “Trouble with a Captial T” by Michael Norwitz, Kevin Sheely, and Cardinal Rae!

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