Sneak Peek of Oneshi Press Anthology #03

It’s less than two weeks until the release of our third creator-owned indie comics anthology, and we couldn’t possibly be more excited! That’s probably why we’re “leaking” a few sneak peeks at the inside of our biggest anthology yet. We’re so psyched, we just can’t help ourselves.

Check out this amazing cover art by Akhilesh, a mind-bending artist from Missoula, MT! There’s a whole artist spotlight page of his art inside, but you’ll have to wait to see that when you get your limited-edition paperback copy!


Front cover by Akhilesh

And, OMG, this panel from Tom Barton, the artist (and letterer) for “Scripture,” written by Brendan Rowe? It’s almost too gorgeous. And the twist ending? Epic.

<em>A panel from "Scripture," illustrated by Tom Barton</em>
A panel from “Scripture,” illustrated by Tom Barton

We’re head over heels for “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely‘s artwork on “Trouble with a Capital T,” written by Michael Norwitz and lettered by Cardinal Rae. We get the warm fuzzies from the old-school comicbook feel of this short comic.

A panel of “Trouble with a Capital T,” illustrated by “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely.

And don’t forget the dark, beautiful work of Andre Short in “Breaking Point,” written by Christopher Matusiak and lettered by Nikki Powers!

A panel from “Breaking Point,” illustrated by Andre Short.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the art from the latest installment of Lomack? The fabulously talented traditional artist Miguel Colón creates this graphic novel in progress, with lettering by Cardinal Rae. Swoon, right?

A panel from the third installment of “Lomack” by Miguel Colón.

Of course, we’ll also have two more installments of Oneshi Press’s own ongoing series: The feminist sci-fi epic Tracy Queen

A panel from the third installment of “Tracy Queen,” illustrated by Jayel Draco.

And then there’s the gritty comic about vigilante dogs who put crime under the fang, PACK

A panel from the third installment of “PACK,” illustrated by Jayel Draco.

As you might know, both of the above were written by Lynsey G., illustrated by Jayel Draco, and lettered by Cardinal Rae.

We’re not even going to give you sneak peeks of the gorgeous introduction by yukidogzombie! Or the guest art and art spotlight from Xavier Hart! Because the surprise will be worth it! Come back on January 1, 2018 to nab your limited-edition paperback copy from our very own Oneshi Press store! We can’t wait to share it all with you!

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