We Have a Store!

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Just in time for the holidays, Oneshi Press is proud to announce that we’ve combined our art books, comics, art prints, and merch into one online store!

Grab limited-edition print copies of our comics anthologies and art books, and keep an eye on the books we’ll soon be releasing! Peruse our many art prints, and shop for apparel, mugs, and tote bags—all featuring original art by Jayel Draco! And find it all in one place. No more clunky PayPal redirect, scattered merch across multiple paltforms, and confusing art print–ordering process. Now you can nab all your Oneshi Press needs right here!

See the “Store” tab in the navigation bar up there? Go click it! Or just click this link!

We’re still building our store and learning how it works, so expect more goodies to appear in the coming weeks. Check back often to see twhat we’ve been up to.

But for now, go check out our store! You’ll love it!

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