Gruss vom Krampus, from Tracy Queen!



Gruss vom Krampus!

From our Yuletide hearth to yours, here’s a very…merry?…holiday image from Tracy Queen and Nikola to say happy holidays from Oneshi Press
We weren’t there when this bizarre-o scene went down, of course, so we’re not sure exactly what happened, but we have a suspicion that Tracy told Nikola to get dressed up in his festive best for their holiday party. When Nikola dutifully scuttled off to put on his elf outfit, Tracy wrangled herself into her custom-made “Sexy Krampus” costume and waited for him to come back in. Then, from the looks of it, she jumped out from behind the tree and screamed, “Gruss vom Krampus!” Like you do, in the old tongue.
We imagine that holidays with Tracy are…special.

Happy (all the) Holidays!

At any rate, happy holidays from Oneshi Press! Just to recap, this year we’ve published three books, funding our print runs primarily with your support! The first was Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, a gorgeous fantasy art book written and illustrated by Jayel. The other two are anthologies of short comics, each containing installments of Lynsey and Jayel’s graphic novels Tracy Queen and PACK, as well as comics from other creators. We’ll keep releasing anthologies every three months for as long as we can! In 2018, we’ll also be publishing standalone issues of PACK and Tracy Queen. So get ready for a lot of fun from the Oneshi team in the new year!
We hope that this holiday season finds you safe and content wherever you are at your happiest. 

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