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Oneshi Press will release the third anthology of creator-owned, independent short comics on January 1, 2018! We will have a very limited number of first-edition trade paperback copies available, and we expect to sell out quickly. That’s why we’re inviting you to preorder your copy now from our store!

Reserve a super-limited-edition paperback of Oneshi Press Anthology #03 now, and rest assured that you’ll get your copy before they’re gone.

This full-color, high-quality anthology is the biggest, most exciting, and most gorgeous yet! It boasts more contributors, more immersive worlds, and even more progressive storytelling. It stars clowns, warriors, superheroes, mutants, space travel, and talking raccoons (I mean, why not?). We know you’ll love it. So preorder now to reserve your limited-edition copy before it’s released on January 1!

What’s Inside

preorder-opqa-03-inside-contentsThe third anthology features gorgeous cover art by Akhilesh, an introductory comic by yukidogzombie, and guest art from Locust Farms. Inside, find enthralling eight-page comics by Brendan Rowe and Tom Barton; Christopher Matusiak and Andre Short; Michael Norwitz and “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely. Stay up-to-date on the graphic novel Tracy Queen, comic series PACK, and graphic novel Lomack with all-new eight-page installments! And bring it all together with lettering by Cardinael Rae, Nikki Powers, and Tom Barton, and flatting help from FlattSquat.

The final result of all this amazing work? A breathtaking triumph of indie comicbook-making that will keep you turning pages and begging for more! So be sure to preorder now to reserve your very own paperback copy, shipping on January 2, 2018!

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