Our Third Anthology Is HERE!

Stop the presses!

Because we’ve already printed all the copies of Oneshi Press Anthology #03! They’re available now in a super-limited first edition; nab yours now before they’re gone! This 64-page comics collection explores immersive, progressive, gorgeous worlds from the minds of diverse creators from around the world, and the Oneshi Press team. It’s printed in full color on high-quality paper, with a luscious matte cover. And it’s ready to blow your mind!

The Comics! The Art!

Our third anthology of short comics features fabulously colorful cover art by Akhilesh!

third anthology cover art by akhilesh

Inside, the magician-clown Stardust, introduces readers to this 64-page color collection in a 1-page comic by watercolor artist yukidogzombie!

third anthology stardust clown intro by yukidogzombie

Then, delve into the third installment of Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco’s feminist, sex-positive tale of adult entertainer and warlord, Tracy Queen.

third anthology tracy queen cover by jayel draco

Next, Miguel Colón continues his post-apocalyptic graphic novel, Lomack: The Giant Warrior Angel in its third installment. Join our favorite blue mutant as he protects villagers on a supply run into the destroyed city.


After that, a golden-age supervillain plots to undermine the heart of a hero! Enjoy “Trouble With a Capital T,” written by Michael Norwitz and illustrated by “Kreepy” Kevin Sheely.

third anthology trouble with a capital t cover by kevin sheely

Soon, the crime-fighting escapades of group of stray dogs—and one stray man—continue! The third installment of Oneshi Press’s gritty comic noir PACK takes your deeper into their dark world!

third anthology pack cover by jayel draco

A tale of abject terror and paranoia in deep space follows, in ”Breaking Point,” written by Christopher Matusiak and illustrated by Andre Short.

third anthology breaking point cover by andre short

Finally, behold the trial of future mankind’s greatest hope for salvation! “Scripture,” written by Brendan Rowe and illustrated by Tom Barton, will whisk you away.

third anthology scripture cover by tom barton

Guest artist Xavier Hart and Oneshi Press co-founder Jayel Draco round out Oneshi Press Anthology 3 with original art from the worlds explored inside.

Order Now!

Order our third anthology directly from Oneshi Press via our online store! We have an extremely limited number of paperback copies, so order soon! (It will soon be available digitally on ComiXology, as well.)

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