OPQA #06 Is Now Digital! Find It on ComiXology!

oneshi press anthology 6 cover art stevieraedrawn
Cover art by stevieraedrawn

OPQA #06 Now Available at ComiXology

Digital comics readers, now is your time! You can get an electronic version of our latest—and spookiest—comics anthology at the world’s largest digital comics retailer: ComiXology!

For just $2.99, sixty pages of gorgeous indie comics and fine art from the likes of stevieraedrawn, conor hughes, Jayel Draco, John Amor, Marika Brousianou, Sean Bova, Martyna Kulak, and more can be yours! So go ahead and immerse yourself in this gorgeous, progressive, immersive, creepy-as-heck collection.

OPQA #06 features elves, supervillains, messiahs, warlords, doggos, river monsters, creepy gothic girls, dragons, raccoons, cops, cyborgs, at least one whale, and much more. Plus, it’s got eight brand-new pages from our ongoing series, Tracy Queen and PACK. And four more short comics from indie creators all around the world, too! So come explore! Grab your digital copy now at ComiXology.

Or Get It in Print!

Or, if you’re more into gorgeous, full-color, high-quality paper books, nab a print copy of OPQA #06 at the Oneshi Press store! And while you’re there, you can even nab fresh Oneshi Press merch like shirts, phone cases, bags, and more.

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