OPCA #06 (Paperback)


Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #06

60 pages. 6 x eight-page comics, 5 x Artist Spotlights, and more.

We’re inviting you into the gorgeous, progressive, immersive pages of Oneshi Press Comics Anthology #06, where you’ll explore tales of the weird, the wild—and the chilling.

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Enter the fray with exquisite cover art from steviereraedrawn, followed by an introduction from Conor Hughes that will leave you panting. Then, in the first installment of Tracy Queen V2, from Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, and Cardinal Rae, our favorite feminist hero makes a horrible discovery. Next, Brendan Rowe, John Amor, and Erica Cotten treat us to a day in the life of Hank Thatcher, whose job at Metropolitan Wildlife Control is much hotter than you might imagine! Roam through a vast mortuary with a strange individual who’s looking for a creepy kind of peace in “Victoria,” from Aaron Berke and Marika Brousianou. After that, Benet Simon, Sean Bova, and Davis Rush introduce you to a supervillain whose master plan goes hilariously awry in “Practice Makes Perfect.” Then, come face-to-face with a beautiful but terrifying river monster in “Evening Walk” by Martyna Kulak. Finally, the brutal justice of Patience and the dogs of virtue will leave you shivering after the last installment of PACK #02: Kindness, from Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, and Cardinal Rae.

But fear not! On your journey through these untamed and chilling pages, fine art from Sonne, Conor Hughes, stevieraedrawn, yukidogzombie, and Jacey Chase will accompany you.

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