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Whether you want a custom art commission from Jayel Draco of your pet, a loved one, your original character, your favorite Oneshi character, or some combination of the above…this is your opportunity to have Jayel create the perfect image just for you!

  • Great for comicbook Covers & Variants!
  • Fantastic gift for a loved one!
  • Consoling tribute to honor those passed.


Have you ever wanted a one-of-a-kind custom Art Commission made specifically for you by Jayel Draco, co-founder, lead designer, and head illustrator at Oneshi Press?

Jayel is best known for his sequential art on the high fantasy/sci-fi series Children of Gaia, the gritty urban noir PACK, the shimmering femme fatale Tracy Queen, and the fantasy zombie-apocalypse comedy Mr. Guy

He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 2003 with his BFA in illustration. Since then, he’s been employed as a professional artist in various capacities including as a studio artist at Neal Adams’ Continuity Studios. He’s illustrated dozens of books and over a thousand single-image illustrations, and worked with a wide range of clients in a plethora of genres. 

Now is your rare opportunity to have him create art for you

Here’s how:

  • Choose the number of main characters you’d like in your image (can be Oneshi Characters, people you know, your own original characters, or pets, etc. Jayel may agree to add generic background characters, within reason.
  • Choose whether you want the high-res digital file alone, or the digital file with a poster-sized print sent to your address. 
  • Choose whether you want it to be Safe For Work (PG-13), or NSFW (18+). 
  • Get an instant price, place your order, and be in touch with Jayel directly via email to work out the details of your idea! 


  • Keep in mind that some ideas may need to be pared down for logistical reasons. 
  • NSFW work may be explicit, so long as the characters involved are consenting adults. 
  • Action scenes may depict violence so long as it’s not glorifying abuse or bigotry of any kind. 
  • Jayel reserves the right to refuse any request at his sole discretion for concepts including, but not limited to: bigotry, non-consent, and abuse of any kind.
  • If something about your concept makes Jayel uncomfortable, he will do his best to work with you on a compromise. In the unlikely event that a compromise absolutely cannot be reached, you will be issued a 75% refund after your payment has finished processing.

Additional information

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Number of Characters

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Printed Poster or Digital

Digital High-Res Download, Printed Poster + Download


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  1. Tyler James

    Love working with Jayel! He’s a talented and capable artist who always delivers, and if fun to collaborate with on creative projects. Highly recommended!

  2. Charlie

    I got a couple commissions from Jayel over the years – one of my dearest pet rats, Zombie me, etcetera. I have always been blown away by the skill; the use of colors, shadows, and lighting; the composition of each piece.

    Each piece is taken on with love, determination, and diligence.

    If you have a commission in mind, Jayel & Oneshi Press are well worth every penny.

  3. Sarah

    I got this portrait of my late dogs from Jayel as an add-on from one of Oneshi Press’s PACK Kickstarters, and Jayel went above and beyond what I was expecting. He handled the subject matter with such grace and drew them both beautifully and in a timely manner. This piece memorialized my babies in the best way, and I highly recommend commissioning Jayel for such pieces. He is also fantastic at fantasy and other genres! Look at that space turtle!

    Image #1 from Sarah
    Image #2 from Sarah
  4. Rosetta

    I love that Jayel can do all kinds of art styles but his cute art is my very favorite, he is so good at drawing cute & colorful, he is also great at making silly art too, I really love all of the art he has done for me alot

    Image #1 from Rosetta
    Image #2 from Rosetta
    Image #3 from Rosetta
  5. Flokee

    Jayel is such a talented Artist and a very down-to-earth, funny, and charming guy! 😁 I highly recommend his work as well as working with him. You won’t be disappointed. 💜

  6. James Quillen

    Jayel is great to work with. I had a very specific idea based on his Mr. Guy creation to do a smash up with Houwei, my creation. While the universes don’t meet (yet) they are still able to meet at Tarmucks for coffee. He took my idea and specifications (I’m having the image printed on glass) and it turned out perfect.

    Image #1 from James Quillen
  7. Jake Wheeler

    I’ve placed 5 commissions and all of them exceeded expectations. Fantastic work by fantastic people.

  8. Caleb Palmquist

    Jayel drew a variant cover for the first issue of my hit comic book series Unicorn: Vampire Hunter, which turned out amazing. It was one of the more popular covers and I absolutely love it. Jayel also did a portrait of me as a zombie, which is phenomenal. Plus, Jayel is great to work with and super friendly. I highly recommend working with him.

  9. Alex Winn

    Jayel is an exceptional artist with a great sense of humor. He does great work even when under time constraints. Here are a couple humourous drawings I asked him to do for me.

  10. David G.

    Commissioning Jayel was one of the best experiences I’ve had working with artists. His years of talent, knowledgeability, and creativity lead to some amazingly eye catching art that is also highly functional. If you’re looking for phenomenal custom art for your projects or even a special gift for a friend, put Oneshi at the top of that list!

    Image #1 from David G.
    Image #2 from David G.
    Image #3 from David G.
  11. Jacey Chase

    Jayel does amazing work. They’re so creative and always blow me away with the ideas they add to a peice. I throw out a concept and he just runs with it and makes it something so special. Thanks you so much.

  12. Robert A. Multari

    Jayel illustrated an awesome crossover print featuring my Snow Paw and his Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter fighting fungal zombies. It came out amazing!

    Image #1 from Robert A. Multari
  13. Erica Schultz

    I’ve known and worked with Jayel for over a decade, and he is incredible. His skills, his knowledge of a variety of media, and his willingness to work with clients is impeccable. Jayel was one of the first creatives to teach me animation. He’s always been open to learning new techniques and challenging himself in every project. I’ve collaborated with him on projects small and large, including stories for the fantastic anthologies put out by Oneshi Press. He has my highest recommendations. He’s worked with all kinds of companies, including my husband’s company, LightRock Productions. I wouldn’t endorse him unless I truly believed in the quality of his work and his work ethic. Honestly, he’s a rare gem, and I adore him. – Erica Schultz (DAREDEVIL, BLACK WIDOW, SPAWN: RAT CITY) (Award-Winning writer for Marvel and Image Comics)

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