Tarmucks: Cthulhu Corporate Coffee

The TarMucks Bundle

Back by popular demand, the original TarMucks Cthulhu coffee, cup, and comic bundle saves you 10% when you order today! Includes our single-source, gourmet, direct-trade Get Java coffee, pollenated by sensitive bats 🦇 & bees🐝 so there’s no pesticides or GMOs. Plus you’ll get our environmentally friendly BPA-free hot/cold travel mug. As well as our wildly entertaining TarMucks: Origins mini-comic about how TarMucks saves the world from eldritch horrors as an instant download. To top it off we have one tree planted for every purchase!

$35.00 $31.50

A Hot Cuppa Eldritch Horror

Facing the day without a strong cup of coffee is a terror beyond all description…and so are the unimaginable eldritch horrors that Cthulhu and his creepy king would visit upon this world if they awoke from their aeons-long slumber.

Tarmucks™ Coffee is here to ensure that neither of these nightmare hellscapes comes to pass. 

So keep the Old Ones safely asleep by depriving them of your dream energy with our fierce brews and proclaim your loyalty with our tongue-in-cheek TarMucks™ coffee and merch.

As Seen in Oneshi Press’s Comics

As is the largest purveyor of caffeine in the Oneshiverse with a location on nearly every street corner, TarMucks™ is a familiar sight in our comics.

Our femme fatale, Tracy Queen, guzzles TarMucks like it’s her job…whether she’s in her laboratory, live on her webcam, or on the battlefield. Patience, the masked vigilante from PACK, won’t drink it, but he’s been known to meet up with his cohort Officer James MacHaggert at a neighborhood TarMucks for a tense conversation. The lovable half-goblin half-pint Mr. Guy: Zombie hunter worked as a TarMucks barista before zombies showed up on his modern-day high-fantasy world. TarMucks is EVERYWHERE!


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