Tarmucks – Java Java Java

A Hot Cuppa Eldritch Horror

When the old ones awaken, you better make sure they have their coffee. The eldritch horror, CthulhuChino, guards his corporate coffee with ferocious ire…after a few steaming cups of the good stuff. Get some into your own system before you go mad—and stick it to the corporate coffee franchises of this gods-forsaken hellscape—with our tongue-in-cheek TarMucks merch.

As Seen in Oneshi Press’s Comics

Oneshi Press’s femme fatale, Tracy Queen, guzzles TarMucks like it’s her job…whether she’s in her laboratory, live on her webcam, or on the battlefield. Patience, the masked vigilante from PACK, won’t drink it, but he’s been known to meet up with Officer James MacHaggert at a neighborhood Tarmucks for a tense conversation. Mr. Guy, the zombie hunter from his eponymous comic series, isn’t much of a coffee drinker himself…but some of the folks he comes across won’t even deal with the apocalypse until after a hot cuppa joe.


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