TarMucks: “Get Java” Gourmet Coffee 3-Pack

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Save 10% on a 3-pack of 2.5-oz pouches of our direct-trade, single-sourced, medium-dark TarMucks: Get Java roast!

This roast gives you a robust flavor with bright citrus notes…and packs a buzz that’ll keep you up till Cthulhu comes home!

TarMucks: "Get Java" Gourmet Coffee × 3

2.5 ounces. Pre-ground. Medium-dark roast (City+). Single-source beans from Honduras. Direct trade. Pollenated by bats 🦇 & bees🐝. No pesticides or GMOs.

Cthulhu and his kin thrive on dream energy, so keep yourself awake with your very own taste of TarMucks' strongest medium-dark roast—Get Java!

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Our Get Java roast is just the dark, eldritch kick in the fun you need to keep your worst Cthulhu-inspired nightmares at bay… And keep the Great Old Ones safely asleep by depriving them of your dream energy! Now, get a 3-pack of delicious 2.5-oz pouches in one shipment!

Sourced directly from a family farm in Copan, Honduras, the coffee beans are pollinated and fertilized by local bees and bats! They’re grown near orange farms, giving them a bright citrus flavor that adds complexity to the coffee.

After being processed via wet wash, the beans are fermented, dried, and bagged, then shipped to the US, where it’s roasted to a medium-dark finish by the experts at Comics on Coffee!

This roast gives you a robust flavor without losing the citrus notes…and packs a wallop of caffeine that’ll keep you up till Cthulhu comes home!

TarMucks “Get Java” roast is:

  • Roasted to order and guaranteed fresh!
  • Single-source beans from a family farm in Copan, Honduras.
  • 100% natural, no additives, sugars, or pesticides, ever.
  • Notes of chocolate, walnut, and citrus.
  • Medium-dark roast preserves delicate notes and preserves caffeine content.
  • Better than Fair Trade—it’s Direct Trade!

Additional information

TarMucks: "Get Java" Gourmet Coffee

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

Size Chart

3 x 2.5-oz pouches

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  1. David Bythewood

    My wife is a big time coffee aficionado; according to her, this is one of the best coffees she’s tried. It has a good balance and a great flavor, and you can be certain we’ll be getting more on a regular basis. If this could appease the coffee fanatic, believe me, your caffeinated cultists will love it as well!

    PS: Yes, this is the same review I left for the single packet, only, you know, tripled, because ever more coffee goodness here!

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