Tarmucks: Coffee, Cup, and Comic Bundle

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Save 10% with this eldritch bundle from TarMucks™, featuring our single-source, direct-trade Get Java coffee, environmentally friendly travel mug, and wildly entertaining TarMucks: Origins mini-comic download, plus a tree planted with every purchase!

TarMucks: Coffee, Cup, and Comic Bundle Includes…

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TarMucks: "Get Java" Gourmet Coffee

2.5 ounces. Pre-ground. Medium-dark roast (City+). Single-source beans from Honduras. Direct trade. Pollenated by bats 🦇 & bees🐝. No pesticides or GMOs.

Cthulhu and his kin thrive on dream energy, so keep yourself awake with your very own taste of TarMucks' strongest medium-dark roast—Get Java!

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TarMucks: Reusable Hot/Cold Cup

16 oz. Biodegradable. Reusable. BPA-free. Dishwasher safe.

Cthulhu's favorite Earth-friendly travel mug will keep your beverage piping hot or ice-cold…all while saving the world from plastic pollution! Biodegradable, BPA-free, top-rack dishwasher-safe, and oh-so reusable.

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TarMucks: Origins Minicomic (Digital .PDF)

16 pages. Written by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco. Illustrated by Michel Abstracto. 🌳Every copy sold plants a tree! 🌲

Discover how drinking your daily dose of TarMucks go-juice saves the world from Cthulhu and his crew of creepy kin! This 16-page, full-color, high-quality digital minicomic was written by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco and illustrated by Michel Abstracto! Featuring concept art, a thank-you page, and more! Plus, one tree planted for every copy sold!

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Save 10% with this delightfully eldritch coffee, cup, and comic bundle from TarMucks™! A perfect one-stop purchase for the Cthulhu-obsessed, coffee-loving comics reader in your life.

Our single-source, direct-trade TarMucks™ Get Java coffee will keep them wired, while our environmentally friendly travel mug keeps their brew piping hot, and the TarMucks: Origins mini-comic digital download keeps them wildly entertained!

Plus One Tree Planted

We’ll also plant a tree for every copy sold through our ongoing official partnership with One Tree Planted! Your purchase helps us reforest the ecosystems that need it most.


A Hot Cuppa Eldritch Horror

Facing the day without a strong cup of coffee is a terror beyond all description…and so are the unimaginable eldritch horrors that Cthulhu and his creepy king would visit upon this world if they awoke from their aeons-long slumber.

Tarmucks™ Coffee is here to ensure that neither of these nightmare hellscapes comes to pass.

So keep the Old Ones safely asleep by depriving them of your dream energy with our fierce brews and proclaim your loyalty with our tongue-in-cheek TarMucks™ coffee and merch.

As Seen in Oneshi Press’s Comics

As is the largest purveyor of caffeine in the Oneshiverse with a location on nearly every street corner, TarMucks™ is a familiar sight in our comics.

Our femme fatale, Tracy Queen, guzzles TarMucks like it’s her job…whether she’s in her laboratory, live on her webcam, or on the battlefield. Patience, the masked vigilante from PACK, won’t drink it, but he’s been known to meet up with Officer James MacHaggert at a neighborhood TarMucks for a tense conversation. Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter even worked as a freelance barista!

Additional information

TarMucks: "Get Java" Gourmet Coffee

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

TarMucks: Reusable Hot/Cold Cup

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 3.75 × 6.25 in

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  1. Tarmucks is great! I absolutely love the comic, Abstracto did a fantastic job illustrating it the art is so vibrant and his style of bringing characters to life is so much fun! I’m not a coffee drinker myself but I’m planning on gifting the coffee and the comic(now that I have read and enjoyed it) with the mug to my brother, as I think he will really enjoy them a lot. I might have to get another cup for myself (to drink tea out of) just because its such a nice cup and I think the Tarmucks brand is so fun. I Also love how Oneshi does everything Eco-freindly with planet earths best interests at heart!

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