Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1: To Save Himself (Paperback)

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Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1: To Save Himself (Paperback)

54 pages. 4 chapters, each by a different artist. 4 full-page chapter title illustrations. 2 guest art spotlight pages. Several full-page pinup illustrations. And more…

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter – Act 1: To Save Himself, written by Jayel Draco, features illustrations from an all-star lineup: Jayel Draco, Walter Ostlie, Diana Camero, and Jacey Chase. There’s also cover art from Sonne, letters from Cardinal Rae, and guest art from Sophia Murphy. In this 54-page graphic novel, you’ll be treated to a smorgasbord of visual stylings and a gut-busting deconstruction of your favorite classic zombie subgenres. It‘s one heckin’ heck of a ride!

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Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter is a zombie-apocalypse caper of ridiculous proportions. Our reluctant hero, Mr. Guy, is your average half-goblin dude just trying to get by in his modern high-fantasy world. Then, on a cow-babysitting gig, he gets bitten by some decomposing jerk! Instead of shambling back from the dead, he discovers his bite wound is haunted by a sassy floating skull named Spooky—who comes with neato powers! But there’s a catch: Mr. Guy and his new sidekick don’t always get along. Now, if they want to get away from each other, they’ll have to cure zombieism. 

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter drawn in various styles by various artists

But Mr. Guy isn’t just any comic book. It’s an art-thology! Yes…that is a word we made up, and it refers to one continuous story written by Jayel Draco and illustrated by multiple amazing artists. Each eight-page arc comes with a new artist and breaks down a different pop-culture trope while our cursed crusader investigates what caused the apocalypse…and kicks zombie butt along the way. He’ll have to confront an old west barkeep who won’t serve the living. Only to face a whole town infested with infected… Can a retrovirus cancel the apocalypse, or will it just make things worse? Stay tuned as Mr. Guy saves us all—or dies trying! 

Here’s what they’re saying:

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter isn’t your typical zombie story…that is unless your typical zombie story takes you to vastly different locales, incorporates handsome farmers with zombie cows, and the spirit of the dead that inhabits the hero’s zombified arm…Then, yeah. It’s just like your typical zombie story, only BETTER!”
—Erica Schultz (Forgotten Home, Daredevil)

“This comic is uDDerly ridiculous! Loved it!”
Grivante, author of The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators

Now available as digital .pdf

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  1. When I ordered Mr. Guy and the accompanying Oneshi Press anthology (#10), it was off of the strength of Pack and Tracey Queen, two titles from Oneshi which sounded right up my alley—and were!

    Wisecracking zombie hunter is decidedly not up my alley, but you know what? I loved the first installment and will keep reading.

    If you ended up here, you are already familiar with the basic premise: a somewhat cynical and fatalistic humanoid is cursed to find a cure for the Zombification virus after one of his one-off moneymaking gigs turns out to be a lot more dangerous than he expected. Tip for Mr. Guy from a worker bee: if the boss says you are the only applicant, the job is gonna suck .

    Writer Jayel Draco took a few big risks here that pay off well. First, he tackles sarcasm and a cynical tone. It is really tough to pull off a “wisecracking” main character, because you risk people getting annoyed with your main dude a few pages in. Draco avoids turning Mr. Guy into a bad Kevin Smith movie by balancing the wisecracking with silliness and self deprecation, so you never feel like you have to root for an absolute smart-ass you would never hang out with for more than a night.

    He also keeps the story tight. There is no zombie hunter training montage. There is no hand-wringing and pulling Mr. Guy kicking and screaming into accepting his fate. Like so many of our best moments in life, Mr. Guy just falls into a calamitous situation, and gets on with it.

    The artwork is fantastic, with each story arc drawn by a different guest artist. It feels cohesive despite the differing styles, and even non artists will delight in seeing our hero go from dapper dude with some goblin ancestry (whether he knows it or not), to a more traditional looking superhero leading man and several steps in between.

    I thought I was officially done with zombies, but Mr. Guy is endlessly charming, humorous without being mean, and so well edited so that one Act gets you fully immersed in the story. I found myself wondering why no one has noticed that he is missing, and what his home looks like, and whether or not his spectral sidekick will ever remember his pre-zombie life. Also, why is K.F. Katfish hanging out with Vincent Price?

    It is a comic well worth investing in, and a stellar effort by Oneshi, who seem to be as good at curating as they are at publishing.

  2. Zowie! I have a crush on a goblin that hears voices…
    My hero!

  3. Just Read Mr. Guy! Was absolutely fantastic! I laughed more than a few times, and I found the use of various artists to illustrate each arc to be really engaging.
    I definitely prefer darker dramas when it comes to the stories I read, but the writing and art styles in this were definitely enough to keep me engaged!
    My favorite art style was probably the art in Arc 2, but I think Arc 1 was probably my favorite overall due to the number of fourth wall breaks lol.
    Looking forward to another issue man!
    Everyone else, do yourself and check out a copy!

  4. Mr. Guy is a winking, smirking, action-packed thrill ride through a world of zombies, filled with hilarious, self aware banter. I love all the different art styles and takes on the characters and setting. Oneshi Press really brings together some great artists and collaborations!!

  5. I instantly fell in love with the story! For adventure that’s hilarious, yet spooky and mysterious look no further. It’s a great laugh and an amazing message! I’d highly recommend It!

  6. Seriously awesome. Such a different story line and so incredibly illustrated. Can’t wait for more 20 stars

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