PACK 3: Temperance (Digital .PDF)


PACK 3: Temperance (Digital .PDF)

36 pages. Full color, 70-lb gloss paper. 2 guest art spotlights. 

In PACK 3: Temperance, the secret behind Temperance the Great Dane’s blinking “crown”—a technological marvel embedded into his skull—is revealed. The shocking truth about why he joined the PACK is uncovered. The crumbling fabric of this neighborhood affects a local youth and the rookie cop trying to watch over him, even as the powers that be brand the vigilantes of the PACK Public Enemy #1.

Written by Lynsey G. Illustrated by Jayel Draco. Lettered by Cardinal Rae. Partial inks by Jeff Foulsham. Flats by Flattsquat. Based on an original concept by Jayel Draco & Daniel Bockrath. Featuring guest art by: Q Yoneda and Yukidogzombie.


Each member of this PACK of 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—has a story. 

Highly intelligent and withdrawn, Temperance the Great Dane is an enigma to his packmates. The technological device implanted into the back of his head doesn’t seem to hurt him, but he won’t let anyone touch it. Where did it come from, and what does it do? All Patience and the other dogs know is that he’s attached to a particular run-down building in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Officer James MacHaggert wrestles with the knowledge that his assistance set the PACK of vigilantes on a deadly path. Now he must decide if he’ll protect himself with silence, or turn them in to his superiors.

PACK is a vigilante-noir urban-drama comic book about canine vigilantes and their stray man who roam the streets of Brooklyn, putting bad guys under the fang. But good and bad aren’t so easily defined, and crime doesn’t stop at the street level.


Also available in Print format

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