Tracy Queen 1-3 Bundle (Digital .PDFs)



The first three volumes of Tracy Queen’s epic journey collect 164 pages of the love warrior’s transformation from gangster to lover in digital glory! Watch as our favorite socks-positive hero frees herself from a life of violence to pursue pleasure, meets her BFF Nikola the raccoon, and sets off on a journey of self-discovery…by making adult content on the internet!

And enjoy a free bonusK.F. Kat Fish’s How to Draw Tracy Queen: The Digital Zine!

These three volumes comprise 164 pages of writing by Lynsey G and illustrations by Jayel Draco and Jeff Foulsham, plus fan art, mini-comics, and more!

The Tracy Queen bundle is also available in paperback!


Tracy Queen, V1 (Digital .PDF)

Tracy Queen, V1 (Digital .PDF)

60 pages. 5 chapter-title, full-page illustrations. 10 guest art spotlights. Lots more!

Welcome to Tracy Queen, V1, where Tracy discovers independence and begins a quest for her own erotic empowerment.

Written by Lynsey GIllustrated by Jayel Draco. Cover by stevieraedrawnLettered by Cardinal RaeFlats by FlattsquatFeaturing guest art by: RenameyJacey Chase, Kael McDonald, Pink Pitcher, Hotarujra, Eldkrind, ShaydensDoodle, X Cat Darkness, Xavier Hart, Jsquared.


Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments (Digital .PDF)

Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments (Digital .PDF)

52 full-color pages. 4 chapter-title illustrations. And lots more!

Welcome to Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments, where Tracy saves the day and pledges to change the world by making hot videos on the internet.

Written by Lynsey G. Illustrated by Jayel Draco. Cover by Tangmo Cecchini. Lettered by Cardinal Rae. Flats by Flattsquat. Featuring guest art by: Shaydens Doodle, Jason Johnson, Dylan Jay Fox, and Sophia Murphy. Sponsored by Bad Dragon—what's your fantasy?


Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More (Digital .PDF)

Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More (Digital .PDF)

  • Digital comic (.pdf)
  • 52 full-color pages
  • 4 chapter-title illustrations
  • Written by Lynsey G
  • Illustrated by Jayel Draco
  • Cover art by Asinjuasflora

In Tracy Queen, V3: I Want More, Tracy's adult performance career is on the rise…and so is the danger. As her past catches up to her and her enemies plot to bring her down, Tracy makes a decision that changes everything

This installment of Tracy’s search for empowerment—from award-winning author Lynsey G, illustrator Jayel Draco, inker Jeff Foulsham, flat colorist Ludwig “Flattsquat” Olimba, letterer Cardinal Rae, and cover artist Asinjuasflora—will have you clinging to the edge of your seat…and begging for more.


K.F. Kat Fish's How to Draw Tracy Queen: The Zine (Digital .PDF)

12 pages, black-and-white, digital .pdf.

Packed full of delightful imagery and the wise-cracking humor of K.F. Kat Fish, this instructional zine teaches you how to draw Tracy Queen, the love warrior!



This digital bundle includes 3 digital comics and 1 digital zine:

Tracy Queen V1

Meet our badass, queer, love-warrior hero, Tracy Queen, and watch her begin her journey from a life of violence to the pursuit of pleasure. Along the way, she meets a talking raccoon named Nikola, learns hard truths about the grandfather who raised her, and learns how to get herself off.

Tracy Queen V2: Dangerous Experiments

Tracy discovers that her grandfather’s gang is trafficking a new kind of “merchandise.” Now, Tracy has a new mission: To destroy harmful ideas about who owns women’s sexuality…by creating hot, consensual adult entertainment that puts Tracy in charge!

Tracy Queen V3: I Want More

Tracy’s NSFW story heats up in I Want More! Her growing internet fame and fortune aren’t enough to keep the brilliant beauty satisfied, so Tracy doubles down and discovers a whole new world of excitement…and profit.

K.F. Kat Fish’s How to Draw Tracy Queen: The Zine

Packed full of delightful imagery and humor, this instructional 12-page black-and-white zine was written and illustrated by Jayel Draco, the artist behind the Tracy Queen comic book series.

The Tracy Queen bundle is also available in paperback!


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Tracy Queen 1-3 Bundle (Digital .PDFs) Tracy Queen 1-3 Bundle (Digital .PDFs)
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